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Should the HPV vaccine be included in the required inoculations for sixth-grade girls?

I am unsure if it should be required, but to those that believe that this vaccine will promote promiscuity: That is ridiculous. Obvioiusly teens, young adults, and (shocker!) adults are having sex and passing this STD around. Getting the vaccine is highly unlikely to "encourage" teens to have more sex--they are already having sex, and this could make it safer and prevent a LOT of cancer. (come one, who doesn't want to prevent cancer?) : )

Few people realize the risks of HPV or understand it, and a lot of my peers don't even know it exists. Hopefully the availability of the vaccine will spread awareness.

Also, many of you might appreciate this button I received for Christmas, stating: "Condoms don't promote sex, they prevent mucus membranes from touching fluids. DUH!"

January 26, 2007 at 12:51 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Local Burger, Global impact

I personally find LB delicious, and I encourage people to give it a try! Yeah it's pricey, but by eating there you support a movement in food production that probably deserves more attention, research, and consideration from all consumers. So think about what you're paying for. The prices of organic and non-synthetic hormone/excess antibiotic food will probably come down once more producers get on board...but we have to make a market for it to encourage them.

No, the portions are not huge, but a serving of protein is actually the size of a deck of playing cards...It's a good idea to fill up on vegetables anyway.

In conclusion: the veggie burger is delicious and I can't wait to get back to Lawrence and eat another one, so it better stay in business.

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