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What National Merit awards do and don't tell us

If you're a parent concerned about your child obtaining a college-preparatory education in the middle and high school years, the best question to ask the school (or your realtor) is whether they can show you these numbers over the past five years:
1) How many graduating seniors have successfully enrolled at a college or university - count junior colleges but do not count trade schools if you really want to see what the potential is that your student will be prepared to make it past their freshman or sophomore year toward a bachelor's degree.
2) How many graduates have actually earned a bachelor's degree at any institution of higher learning. If the high school has not properly prepared their graduates for success at the college level, their graduates will likely become college drop-outs in their freshman year.

Several years ago I did this exercise with the local high school (not LHS or FSHS) and decided the public school to which my children were assigned was decidedly not a college-preparatory institution. Rather than move, I went school shopping and found exactly what I was seeking at Bishop Seabury Academy. My oldest child is now in a top-rated university and, while not a National Merit Scholar, received enough financial incentive in the freshman year to make up for two years of the Seabury tuition. I think we'll get an excellent return on our Seabury investment.

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Kassebaum: Davis will need moderate Republicans in campaign against Brownback

I don't know what moderate Republicans want to see in a candidate, but as for wooing independents, Paul Davis needs to dump the Democratic Party folks who insist on employing sophomoric methods designed to stir up their party's base. Sure, lots of dyed-in-the-wool Democrats like to make jokes about Republicans, but campaigning is serious. Some of us seriously want to know about the candidates and not waste so much time on junior-high level put-down wars. In the last election, the Democrats who ran Tom Holland's campaign managed to take a strong, worthy and centrist candidate and sideline him by focusing their campaign efforts on maligning Sam Brownback in juvenile ways. It did Tom Holland no favors with independents and I'm sure it hurt his chances with moderate Republicans. Grow up, Democrats, and show us that you can rise above what the Republicans in this state are dishing out.

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For sale by owner: Baldwin City school buildings

Overbrook also has an old school building that's converted into apartments. For Baldwin, it sure seems that someone might want to convert that to apartments. Baker University apartments are right across the street from the old school building. Why wouldn't Baker want that property to add more space for student housing or classrooms? Didn't they just get kudos from Princeton Review? Seems Baker might want to grow their campus.

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Letter: Two is enough

If the moderates of Kansas believed that the Kansas Democratic Party was, indeed, ideologically attuned to their desires and needs, they would already be members of that organization. The fact that they are not speaks volumes. Perhaps if the Democrats quit trying to one-up what the Republicans are doing (i.e. - stooping to their levels, following similar tactics), and focus more on trying to unite moderates everywhere, they could gain some real ground in this state. For the politically independent, the entire problem is that neither party is interested in representing "the people" any more. They are only interested in representing their own party, which ultimately means the only people who get to be heard are the ones who agree in lockstep with either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. Neither Party is listening to us.

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Forensics programs depend on community support

Congratulations to the Free State forensicators. And many thanks to the LHS Forensics team for hosting a large tournament for schools from all around the area. There have been a few articles in the LJWorld the past couple of days describing Forensics, and the recognition is much appreciated by those who participate now and those who were forensicators while in high school. It's a little disappointing, though, that Bishop Seabury Academy's very strong team has not been mentioned. Seabury sent half of their team to LHS last Saturday while the other half competed at the tournament in Baldwin City. The school of about 200 students (6th-12th grades) has more than 40 9th-12th graders on its forensics team - about 40% of the high school students. As a 2A school they compete regularly in 6A tournaments. At Baldwin they placed 3rd overall. At LHS they placed 5th overall. Hats off to these dedicated and talents kids, and to their coaches, Mr. Doug Weaver and Mr. Chris Bryan!

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Letter: Hiring and firing

The letter-writer is correct. Therefore, do not vote for either Romney or Obama. Find the person on the ballot who truly has the best interests of the majority of the electorate in mind. If you can find that person on your ballot, that is.

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Ribbon cut on new U.S. Highway 59; road expected to be open to traffic in early October

The maple trees in Baldwin are very old, so they are dying. No new ones have been planted over the past few decades to keep the ambiance going. Kind of a metaphor for the town.

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Sound Off: On a trip across Kansas, I noticed fields of sunflowers. Is this becoming a popular crop

I want to thank the questioner for one of the funniest LJW threads in recent memory.

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Rep. Anthony Brown wins GOP primary for senate's 3rd District; will face incumbent Holland in November

Tom Holland has always worked to represent his contituents, regardless of party lines. That's as a representative and as a senator. Now, his recent run for governor was a whole different matter. I blame it largely on his campaign management, and probably the fact that he was being "handled" by the Democratic Party, but his gubernatorial campaign was nothing like what we've seen from Holland in the past.

A couple of weeks ago we found a Holland flier on our door. The word "INDEPENDENT" was very prominent across the bottom of the card. Nowhere was the Democratic Party affiliation mentioned. I'm not sure how to take this. As an independent voter, I applaud any candidate who truly is independent. On the other hand, there's a strong possibility that this is sneaky ploy to downplay the Democrat affiliation. If so, then intentional misdirection is very disappointing behavior.

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