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Heard on the Hill: Law student wants more focus on education, not job market; I'm looking for people who love to 'woo'; Kansas Alliance for Biorefining and Bioenergy helps fund university projects

Law school grad here (and KU Law, in fact)--I completely agree with Mr. Knipp. KU has always been a "big firm" school, and there is lots of attention paid to interviewing for internships with corporate firms all over the country. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that--in fact, it's a great benefit for those students who are moving down that particular career path. But for those of us to graduated from law school WITHOUT intending to practice, rather work in goverment or non-profit or some other avenue, there are not many opportunities to explore those areas through KU Law. Do I regret going to law school? Not at all. Were they very concerned about career services for those who didn't intend to practice? Not really.

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Think again

I understand tha Jenkins is a CPA and that this means she understands how income taxes work, what the loopholes are, etc. What the writer fails to mention is that Martin Dickinson is a law professor whose particular area of study and expertise is taxation. I've taken his class. It's incredibly difficult, but I've never heard someone boil down the tax code and make it understandable like Prof. Dickinson can. Not only does he understand the practical application of the tax code (like a CPA does), but he has also followed the way it has changed over the course of time and also knows the law behind the tax code, which is probably not something all CPAs can claim.

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Brownback names GOP chair to lead Children's Cabinet

Replacing Melissa was a bad move. It would be hard for anyone to gain the incredible amount of knowledge Melissa has about children's issues or the programs, services, and policies that affect the kids in our state.

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Lawrence High School teacher injured in St. Louis crash still in serious condition

Get better, Mr. Platt! You were one of my hands-down favorite junior high teachers (back in the old days before you switched to LHS), so hurry up and get better so next year's new students can enjoy your classes as much as I did!

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KU grad donates $1.6 million for students to study in Germany

I absolutely loved my summers in Germany! Fantastic that a "low graduate count" program is getting such generous support!!

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Department chairman at Kansas University Medical Center asked to step down

Cheese-KUMC is the university "side". KUH (University of Kansas Hospital) is the hospital "side". Klaassen's chairmanship was over an academic department in the SOM and therefore under Atkinson's umbrella. If it had been a medical staff chairmanship, then KU Hospital woould have been correct.

As it is, the LJW got it right.

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Take-Back Day allows residents to safely rid homes of expired, unused and unwanted medication

Unfortunately, I don't think they're allowed to accept expired meds or meds that have been previously prescribed to someone else. I'm not 100% sure on that, but I'm pretty sure.

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Our Town Ball: Kansas University group revives forgotten precursor to baseball

Jonathan Earle is one of the best young history professors at KU, and probably one of the best history professors regardless of age. He has more of an ability to get students interested in a topic than any other history professor I've ever had. It doesn't surprise me at all that he managed to convince a group of rag-tag college kids to start up something like this.

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Lawrence commission to look at trash options

We had Deffenbaugh in KCK and hated it. Our house was regularly skipped, and we'd have to call so they'd put us on the make-up route for the next day.

They also wouldn't pick up any bags that weighed more than two kittens. I'm short, and not the strongest person on the block, so from my perspective, if *I* can get it to the bottom of the driveway, *they* certainly ought to be able to put it in the truck.

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Malnourished child found in De Soto attic

kernal is correct. My educated guess would be that this child spends a significant amount of time at CMH before he goes anywhere. Recovery from malnutrition, near-starvation, and prolonged heat exposure takes time, and that doesn't even factor in whatever other kinds of intervention he also needs.


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