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Honest belief

We're not lost; you're the one believing in fairy tales.

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Prayer in Kan. House decries abortion

The legislature *just happened* to invite this clown Schieber at the last minute to speak on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade…. Not bloody likely.So what was the problem, was Fred Phelps busy that day?

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Religious scholar champions separation of church and state

In the meantime, the government picks our pockets to line the pockets of people like Pat Robertson. I call it faith-based robbery.

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Pledge of Allegiance challenger to speak

rhd99: "The COURT said that there is NO proof in NEWDORK'S case that says there is an establishment of religion endorsed by our government. "

Nope. The court weaseled out by saying he had no standing to bring suit. And his name is NEWDOW. Your use of perjoratives adversely affects your credibility.

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Nation of faith

Kevin Stewart and the rest of the crowd who cry about the "decline of morality" in schools or some such garbage, due to the removal of sectarian proselytizing, should try to get in touch with reality. Since when is it a bad thing to make schools a safe haven for children of ALL faiths, or of no faith at all, instead of a religiously coercive environment? Perhaps schools are a dangerous place because too many parents, including Christian parents (who are supposedly the "majority"), are NOT instilling values, ethics, consideration for others, or respect for the law into their children.

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Nation of faith

Newell_Post: I'm not sure which version Roy Moore used, but one thing's for certain: 11 doesn't equal 10.


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Caution: 'God Delusion' might turn you atheist

A bit more humility? Take their beliefs seriously? Does Alexandra Alter have the slightest clue what the televangelists (and Christians in general) say about non-believers and non-Christians on a daily basis? Doubtful. If Dawkins had emulated even half of their hatred and venom-spewing, he'd likely have a torch-and-pitchfork toting toothless mob at his door calling for a lynching. In fact, secular activists, who pursue civilized redress of grievances through the courts, often receive threats against their lives or of physical harm, from "good" believers. So, exactly who is overstepping? Ms. Alter's comments are simply rude and biased. She needs to exercise some humility of her own, and take our LACK of god-belief seriously.

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