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Lawrence resident accused of embezzling $26,000 from Dillons grocery store

No one is nosey, he did the crime, its public knowledge now, so its his "mistake", absolutely no one else's period.

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Lawrence resident accused of embezzling $26,000 from Dillons grocery store

A "big mistake", I'll say! But seriously, a person would know they were making this "big mistake" a long time ago, come on it says he did it from 2010-2011(until he got caught), I desperatly need cash to, but wouldn't stoop to that level, he'll never get a decent job now, thats his long-term "big mistake", hope he knows how much he has screwed himself now!!

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Crowding complaints follow freshmen onto Lawrence high school campuses

I don't have a child in HS yet, she's in middle school, but with the size of classes anywhere its no wonder the kids who already struggle will struggle more and more, its sad. Don't have the money to pay for tutoring but have to do it, schools just don't offer enough, I feel, for kids with learning issues.

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Ottawa Extreme Makeover house to be unveiled at 7 p.m. tonight

I think this is great for this family! I don't know why so many people have to be negitave about things all the time! I would love a new home, need one, took my disabled mother in about 3 years ago and it would be nice to accomodate her more because she is disabled, but ya know we get by. But that doesn't mean I would go diss anyone else getting this done for them!

I'm just waiting for home crashers to come to home depot when I am their, looking at all the things I would love to get for my house!

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Man delivers daily bread to Douglas County Senior Services

I think its great that he does this, I wish all stores would participate in this, Dillons throws away so much at their stores its unreal! and wal-mart donates to harvestors which then takes the crap to kansas city! I feel it needs to stay here in Lawrence!

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35-year-old man accused of hitting estranged wife with his vehicle in Lawrence parking lot

I don't know who did what, but feel sorry for any kids in the situation who have to live like that on a daily basis, be adults and save the drama not in front of the kids.

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De Soto woman sentenced to more than eight years for keeping malnourished son in attic

I agree with..ksjayhawk74, so sad that a human life is worth so much less than the sentencing from drugs, this little boy will and so will his siblings, suffer the rest of their life for what they went through, this lady isn't stupid, she is selfish, dumb and deserves to be in prison for way longer than 8 years!

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Douglas County, Lawrence officials say texting ban proving difficult to enforce

Me and my daughter where driving the other day, and low and behold, at a 4-way stop the policeman across from us was texting at the stop light! Yea, it will really work! NOT

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Family of defendant: Baby's broken arm was an accident

It is hard when you read that it said, "he plays with his daughters like boys?, okay, maybe if the "he" in the scenerio was like 12! You cannot play rough with a 5 month old, ever! They either eat, sleep, and try to start rolling over. I don't want to judge, believe me, years ago I got a call from my daughters school because my daughter had a rug burn on her shoulder that stung when she went to gym, so the school called srs on me and I had to go in a room and tell them that the night before we where playing in the living room and I was spinning her around on her back on the carpet, and in turn she got a rug burn I didn't even see, so I know how it feels when some "assume", made me feel horrible, made me feel like I did something wrong. But, also "multiple" fractures? That is some pretty "rough" playing for a 5 month old, come on. If anything comes out of this, I hope he see's that you can't rough play with a baby, period.

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Family of defendant: Baby's broken arm was an accident

“I know he wouldn’t do anything like that on purpose. He plays with (his daughters) like boys,” said Rebecca Wolfe, Johnson’s mother who lives in Eudora~

Seriously? Who plays with any 5-month-old rough anyway? I couldn't see the difference if it was a boy or girl, they are 5 months old!! If he isn't guilty he needs a class in childcare if he thinks playing around rough with a 5 month old is okay!

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