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Former Jefferson County commissioner to challenge Sheriff Herrig in August Republican primary

I assume since Mr. Christy is sending me messages through LJWorld wanting me to call or email that he is not going to repond to the questions I posed after he responded to lostmoney's post. The following is the body of his message to me.

"Jim, I just read your blog and was quite disappointed with what I read. It implies that I have done something illegal, unethical or immoral. I feel that you owe me an explanation and I would like to resolve this, if possible, without getting our lawyers involved. Please contact me. David '

I must admit that I am a little confused as to how Mr. Christy could infer from either of my posts that I was implying that he has done something illegal, unethical, or immoral. Now if somone were to take from my posts the implication that if I lived in Jefferson County I would not be in the least bit interested in having David Christy as my Sheriff, that would be a correct interpretation. Last time I checked here in America we were free to discuss virtues and characteristics of candidates running for elected offices.

Mr. Christy you stated I owe you an explanation. I don't owe you anything as I am not running for elected office as you are. Even though I would not be a constituant of yours it is you who owes me and everyone else who has taken the time to follow this story answers to the questions posed to you.

Finally I am confused as to why we would need to get our lawyers involved. The way I read that is that if I don't contact you in the manner that you directed and explain myself to your satisfaction you are threatening to seek some legal recourse against me. I would have expected a candidate for public office to have done a thorough analysis of their past and be prepared to answer questions about their background, not make threats to those that ask questions or make statements about lawyers. Mr Christy, I wish you well in life, but not in your bid for election.


PS My name is not Jim but I suspect I know to whom you are referring.

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KU football’s GPA jump a 'big stinkin’ deal'

I hope these successes translate into a program that grows in winning traditions both off and on the field. I can't wait until this fall to get back to my seat in Memorial Stadium and see Weis' players succeed on the field as they have in the classroom!

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Statehouse Live: Legislative maps create incumbent slugfest

Hopefully this is all finally resolved and we can all move forward.

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Former Jefferson County commissioner to challenge Sheriff Herrig in August Republican primary

Mr. Christy, Thank you for addressing these issues here. I too will address them here so that everyone who has an interest can be informed. I find many of your statements interesting to say the least. You speak of Becker's "trial" yet every article I read in the Capital Journal and everywhere else state that he and his wife both took plea deals. To me this is a significant difference. You state the Government's own accountant stated he could find "only $128.000.00" unaccounted for yet all the articles I have read list the figure well over $1,000,000.00. What would be the threshhold for a significant theft, $129.000? This is more than I ever made during any three years before I retired. You state that Becker stole from himself and his family and no citizens were vicitmized. Are his family not citizens? Was all the manpower and tax dollars utilized to investigate and prosecute these crimes not paid for by citizens of Jefferson and every other county? I have heard of others in Jeff County who were victimized by Becker and his banking but do not have specifics so will not comment further. You state that due to personal vendettas, the US Attorney's Office in Topeka was convinced to pursue Becker's prosecution. I am curious who would have that much influence over a US Attorney's Office and if this were true shouldn't an investigation be launched into this as surely using personal influence to effect a criminal prosecution would be a prosecutable offense wouldn't it? You state that your involvement began when Mrs. Becker asked you to review some documents. This from what I can tell from the news articles would be long after Becker was removed from his bank and during the time period Becker was committing his second set of crimes by hiding his assets. I have heard and am asking you directly if you ever worked for in any capacity or served as a board member of The Countryside Bank or State Bank of Meriden? If so from when to when? Coming from a 30 year veteran law enforcemnt officer I am sensing a great deal of hostility towards the criminal justice system. If you are as dedicated towards the truth as much as you claim would your talents not be better utilized persuing a legislative position where laws are made to fix these sorts of problems instead of a local position that will have no impact on the broad issues that seem important to you? I never fully believe what I read in the paper as it is rarely more than the basic facts, but my questions come directly from what you wrote. I look forward to hearing your truth.

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Former Jefferson County commissioner to challenge Sheriff Herrig in August Republican primary

Wayne Ledbetter is a good man who I have known for years and would do his best to serve the best interests of the citizens up in Jefferson County. I wish him well in his campaign. I can't believe Christy would try and run for office again with all the shenanigans he has been invovled in over the years. Scary stuff for the all the citizens up there if he would get in. Don'tknow anything about this Brown Fella.

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