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Menards files plans to add another 8 acres to development near 31st and Iowa

Does the city get any input into things? I mean... even something near-trivial like making them connect the Menards megafortress to the Naismith Valley bike path... just to say we did something? Or have we totally abdicated all fiction of planning?

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Wicked's fast-broadband project moving slower than expected

I don't hold out much hope for AT&T being real competitors. Not just because I live in the middle of town (few blocks from the Merc) and still can't get better than 'theoretically 6Mbps' (slower than that in reality) DSL from them. Even in places where they have put in U-Verse, 18Mb is pushing the technical envelope of what they can get through their JFK-era lead-soldered wires. Installing newer copper, or fiber, or coax (coax is underrated) would be possible... but has that same huge cost problem that a new entrant would face.

It's not even that 18Mb is too slow (though it's getting to be). If the 18Mb service were cheap enough, people would jump on it. I'd jump on it. But, no profit in that. Heck, a lot of people would be okay with 6Mb DSL... if it were really, really cheap. When inferior service is within $5 of WOW's prices... WOW's gonna win.

Honestly, AT&T would just about rather a big storm come through and cut them free of the whole landline service mess. In many places on the east coast after Hurricane Sandy, Verizon decided not to bother replacing telephone switches at all. If you want a dial-tone phone, you get a box on the side of your house that connects to the Verizon Wireless cell network. No DSL service.

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Wicked's fast-broadband project moving slower than expected

I signed up for Wicked. I used a one-time-use credit card number for it, because that's seriously about as far as I trust them.

If you believe that Wicked's proposal was what convinced WOW to stop metering (and it wasn't just something they were going to do anyway), I consider the $10 to Wicked as well spent lobbying. Not that I was at risk of hitting the Knology/Sunflower 'gold' cap... but I hated looking over my shoulder on caps and overage fees. I can even be okay with some traffic shaping but hated the cap.

Fiber to the house is overrated. Existing DOCSIS modems can, if you give them enough channels and get fiber 'close enough' (every 50 subscribers or whatever) offer 150/50 level service. Which is really enough for the next decade. Wicked or whoever could overbuild a coax system like that, especially with aerial drops, for a whole lot less than burying fiber. (Even Google isn't burying end-user fiber in KC... that's absurdly expensive). The business problem is that WOW could match them, almost instantly, by offering 100Mb+ service on their existing wires (just dedicate a few more channels to DOCSIS).

It's an interesting conundrum. The incumbent cable companies could offer substantially faster service with relatively small investments. Probably match whatever pricing a competitor sets. They don't do that because there's no competition. There isn't any competition, at least in part, because the incumbents could easily keep up if there were competition.

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Opinion: New Iran leader deserves a chance

The 'actual cause' of WWI escapes people because the whole 'Archduke' thing was probably the least important part. The whole continent was a powderkeg leading up to then. Multiple reasons, but one of the most important is also the one that should seem the most familiar. The race for Iraqi oil.. same darned thing we fight over 90 years later.

The British and German Navies had recently switched from coal to oil-powered ships (whole lot of advantages), and both countries were using a whole lot more oil in other ways. Neither had massive reserves (that they knew about anyway). So, there was a race to access the Mesopotamian oilfields, the Brits were trying to prevent the construction of the Berlin-to-Baghdad railway (which would have given Germany much more influence).


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Davis seen as possible Democratic opponent to Gov. Brownback

If a Praeger/Schodorf (or vice-versa) ticket were in the works, I'd work to elect it. It isn't. The moderate Republicans are d.e.a.d-dead.

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Lawrence residents say new garbage cans are stinking up the city

Jeesh people. They're the exact same poly carts used for trash collection in, oh, roughly 95% of the country. Like, literally, everywhere else. Stop acting like this is some wild evil socialist experiment or something.

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School district wrestling with network outages

I think USD 497 has some of the very best sub-$40k/year tech people you can find anywhere in the nation (salaries are public record). This may not be saying very much.

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Kansas on cutting edge of knife rights

"Every time I've run into someone who made me wish I had my switchblade with me..."

Jeesh... sounds a regular occurrence? I'd look into a new line of work or something. I can't actually think of a single time in my entire life where I've run into someone who made me wish I was carrying a switchblade.

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Indian tribe that once proposed North Lawrence casino purchases large tract along interstate

The county could make a stink about it, but I'm not sure the city could. Said tracts are not currently incorporated into the city of Lawrence. If I were the tribe, I'd consider defining those tracts as an entirely separate City of Lenape post-haste, before Lawrence tries to annex. There'd be major downsides (no city water, sewer, police), but it's worth considering at least.

Do I think the eighth casino within 50 miles is an answer for anything at all for any side? Not really, but meh.

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