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Easy Pickens: Jayhawks set more records for futility in 70-28 loss to Oklahoma State

I am sick, we will start hearing "almost time for basketball" --- poor KU, need to do something to have pride in football season and not talk all the time about basketball during football season (lawrence Journal World is part of the problem, sports front page on basketball during football season??), Basketball season will not be what a normal BB season is for KU this year either!!!! Need to lower the darn season ticket prices for both football and basketball -- no chance with the debt that Perkins left!!!! Because of Perkins KU can not even consider firing Coach Gill, paid him to much and can not get out of Perkins contract with coach Gill. Women's basketball coach is another Perkin's great hire. KU will be in trouble for football and women's BB for next few years because of former chancellor's former athletic director hire!! Yea I will continue to support KU athletics but it is not an easy thing to do, season ticket holder football and men's BB for over 30 years and Williams Fund member.

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Legends provide relief

I keep reading from news articles on "legends of the phog" that part of the proceeds from this game was going to the Lawrence Boys Club. Comment is why just "part" of proceeds?? Where is the remainder of the "proceeds" above any expense go??? I hope none went to the KUAC,. Why not all proceeds above expense to a Lawrence charity organization???

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