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Child critically injured in bicycle accident in rural Douglas County

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Child critically injured in bicycle accident in rural Douglas County

Exactly what I was trying to say, but you said it much better.

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Child critically injured in bicycle accident in rural Douglas County

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Bullying drives former Baldwin student to take her education home

Way to go Amanda! I like the first sentence of this article: "Amanda Randel has finally found her voice." And what a beautiful voice it is. I read the words of a confident, mature and compassionate young woman in your quotes. Best of luck to you in the future!

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Copper thieves take 5,000 pounds of wire

Here's a theory as to why "nobody was working that day". The copper was last seen at 10am Wed., a rather unusual time for a shift to end. Suppose the contractors were called away to do an emergency job at another location? Maybe the Tecumseh or Jeffery plant. Contractor supplies are usually placed in an area convenient to the plant, and yet out of the way of everyday plant operations and personnel. Thus a Westar plant employee wouldn't necessarily notice someone in the contractor supply lock-up area. And even if they did, if the person acted confident, acted like they knew what they were doing, the employee wouldn't have reason to be suspicious. And it wouldn't be unusual for a heavy duty truck/trailer/semi/dumptruck/etc. to be moving in and out of the plant/contractor area. Again, no cause for suspicion. So the question is, who knew the contractors would be called away from the plant site at 10am, not to return until the next day? Seems like a rather small pool of people, one of whom either tipped off the thieves, worked with the thieves or was the thief. Any number of people could have known what and where the copper etc was located, from delivery people to suppliers to visitors even. But not many would know that the contractors weren't there after 10am Wed. Assuming of course that they actually weren't there, as per my theory.

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Douglas County Commission expected to make decision on land annexation at N. 1800 Road

The land is at the "SW corner of N 1800 road"..."By the Farmer's Turnpike"...what's the crossroad? Where, on N 1800 road, is this SW corner located?

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Douglas County District Judge Michael Malone to sit with Kansas Supreme Court in December

I don't know Judge Malone personally, but he is responsible for one of my prouder moments as a parent. About 25 years ago my husband appeared in his court after a spell of unlawful behavior. I attended the hearing with our 4 year old daughter and 6 year old son. After the hearing, as we were leaving the courtroom, Judge Malone called us back into the courtroom and in front of the entire court complimented us on the good behavior of our children during the hearing. I was so proud and touched to have my two children, who are so dear to my heart, publicly complimented by a Judge. And I found Judge Malone to be more than fair to my husband, holding him accountable for his wrongs without persecuting him. Thank you Judge Malone. I wish there were more like you in the world.

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Bible on war

I agree with everything you've said here, Mr. Ramsdell, and I thank you for having the spine to write this. And I thank you also for spending 21 years of your life defending my way of life. May God bless you and yours. Nos Nostraque Deo.

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Chili feed, silent auction set for Saturday in Williamstown, to raise money for fire district

I read this article because I'm a big fan of the Williamstown volunteer fire department. But gatekeeper and vertigo put a different angle on the article than what I'd originally read into it. I had to reread the article, and am STILL laughing over the comments. What great senses of humor! These ARE some generous, caring people at the Billtown Fire Dept., and the fundraiser is for a VERY worthy cause. Bring your sense of humor over Saturday and share it with them. They'll enjoy it as well!

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