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Report criticizes voter ID law in Kansas, other states

The article cites problems claimed by a biased, partisan, agenda-driven public policy institute which automatically calls into question the validity of their claims or any such organizations, whether to the right or left politically.

My post is focused on the "tainted nature" of the reporting.

If you care to add your own comment regarding the "problems" you or the left-leaning Brennan Center perceive, then feel free to expand on your thoughts.

But don't insinuate that somehow I am wrong or not forthcoming just because I stick to my original point and choose not to embrace yours. Thanks for your added comment though.

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Report criticizes voter ID law in Kansas, other states

Mr. Rothschild. You conveniently left out the most important statistic in your article.

The Brennan Center for Justice is a left-leaning, out of the mainstream public policy institute. The organization is currently headed by Michael Waldman, former Director of Speechwriting for President Bill Clinton from 1995–1999.

The major philosophy of the center is the "living constitution" theory whereby the constitution can, and should be, adjusted, re-interpreted, twisted around to supposedly match your political agenda.

"The Brennan Center for Justice was founded in 1995 by the family and former law clerks of Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan. Justice Brennan’s idea of a living constitution figures largely into the center’s work. The Brennan Center is involved in issues such as voting rights, redistricting reform, campaign finance reform, and presidential power in the fight against terrorism. The organization is part think tank, part public interest law firm, and part advocacy group."

The idea of a "living constitutation" is rejected by most legal scholars on both side of the political spectrum.

No matter what your opinion of voter ID laws, fair news reporting would seem to require that you mention this important information about the study's authors.

Leaving this background information out, makes your article biased and mostly propaganda.

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Lawrence Schools Foundation distributes $24,000 in grants

As a non-profit, tax exempt organization this, and all such, organizations are required by law to list all their sources of income and expenditures, including salaries. Most charity and foundation rating organizations give their highest scores to those groups that list all this information on their public websites.

As an IRS tax exempt sanctioned entity, the organization gives up their privacy and must make all their information public either on their website or by request.

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New study says proposed tax cut measure would benefit wealthy

If you read what I commented on, it's about truth and integrity in journalism and presenting the correct facts so the public can decide.

I'm not commenting on the validity of ITEPs numbers, but the public should be made aware that based on the organization's political philosophy their opinions and methods might produce a biased study, intentionally or not, that attempts to validate their own biases and beliefs.

These methods are not limited to only ITEP. But that is what this news article is about, and thus my comments in this instance.

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New study says proposed tax cut measure would benefit wealthy

"The Washington, D.C.-based ITEP is a non-profit, non-partisan group that works on state and federal tax policy, focusing on tax fairness."

Mr. Rothschild. You are free to write whatever news articles you choose and I would encourage you to do so. However, when you insert false and mis-leading information into those articles, then you diminish yourself and the journalism profession (which doesn't seem to concern many new entrants into the field these days).

Please state your facts correctly--

"ITEP is generally described as left-leaning in its policy positions and recommendations."

" ITEP’s sister organization, Citizens for Tax Justice, is often referred to as a progressive group."

It's dishonest and biased to write your article and misrepresent who produced this study and what they're politcal leanings and biases are.

If ITEP is left-leaning, simply state that and let the reading public judge. By mis-representing this organization (and thus changing the tone and validity of the article) you essentually are creating propoganda, not news articles.

This is one of the reasons your newspaper and many others are downsizing or going bankrupt. News sells, propoganda doesn't.

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Douglas County towing regulations ‘need to be fixed,’ administrator says

Back in July 2011, I provided Mr. Hittle with the state and city statues in California for towing company regulations. In Los Angeles, towing companies are highly regulated in the consumer's favor. An unlawful tow can result in criminal charges against the tow truck driver and participation in any government or law enforcement referral program sets maximum charges.

Mr. Weinaug stated in the July 2011 LJW article that the county would do something about these tow company consumer rip-offs. Now 8 months later, the emperor has been exposed as naked- nothing has been done, if even set in process.

Florida and California (both state and local governments) have strict tow truck regulations, so this continual obstacle of the USDOT regulations taking precedence is just bunk; a red herring.

Somehow I get the feeling that the city and county government officials here have some sort of linkage or affinity for the tow truck companies or their owners. They protect them. For what reason, I don't know.

If Mr. Weinaug was genuinely looking out for citizens and consumers, the county could find a way to do so. So far, I'm not aware they have even made an attempt, even though we were told they would begin a process last summer.

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$325M Westar project to help environment

You somehow forgot to mention that the Union of Concerned Scientists is a "left leaning", liberal, out-of-the-mainstream politicized organization that just happens to include similar thinking scientists. That is it's own stated mission, not anyone's interpretation.

This organization is NOT an unbiased, non-partisan, diverse group of the country's highest level scientists.

If you really want to present your point, include all facts. Not just the facts that conveniently hide the total picture.

I have no ball in this game, but what I find disgusting is people who present half-truths, shaded facts or falsehoods to propagandize and deceive readers and the public at large.

If your facts can't persuade, then maybe your position is faulty. Having to lie or deceive about it, is the giveaway.

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Jet sparks curiosity

Always good to make your point and join in on the conversation with name calling and insults. Gives you added respect and credibility.

They were between 400 and 500 feet. I witnessed the event from the 9th floor.

You can bet some careers are over.

Speaking of blowhards...........

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Jet sparks curiosity

No offense to anyone, but this is why eye witness testimony is always suspect. Most people on here saw something different. Remember this next time the newspaper reports on a trial and the claims of witnesses. People always see different things no matter how sincere they are.

Secondly, the military is always going to fain ignorance initially, but rest assured they are scrambling to find out what plane and pilot did this flyover. When they find out, this newspaper can report it. The air force or national guard is investigating.

There is a 1000 foot minimum flight rule for military aircraft in addition to strict rules forbidding flights over population centers. Both of these regulations seem to have been violated.

I spoke with an active duty Air Force Colonel in Special Forces command who told me when they find out the pilot of this flight, his career is over, if in fact, he violated the above rules.

You can be assured that someone one in authority is looking into it.

And it is true, some of these new pilots get this idea they can do hidden flybys for 30 seconds and impress their girlfriends or fraternity brothers, but in the end, their military careers are finished when they are found out.

What if this pilot had sudden equipment problems or clipped a tree or building and crashed in the city? What about if he encountered a small aircraft that was appropriately flying over Lawrence?

This is a pilot who may have displayed a total lack of concern or responsibility for Lawrence's citizens. Hopefully, soon we will all know.

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U.S. Highway 59 between Lawrence and Baldwin City on schedule

Thank you for all your comments. I would refer you to all LJW news stories from the fall whereby the the KDOT announced changes to the construction in the Pleasant Grove "pass" from the original engineering designs.

The change was specific to asphalt roadbed from the original concrete. The original engineering design (and the bid documents) specified concrete for the complete highway project. It was only during the construction process that doubts arouse about the core sampling at Pleasant Grove.

KDOT changed the engineering specifications last fall to asphalt (from concrete) for this very reason. You can read the LJW stories on this change in materials.

My source for this information is from an involved party in this specific project.

Changes in construction occur all the time after getting into the project. And involved parties dicker and fight over who's going to pay for what. There is no anomaly in this bickering.

The original core sampling and engineering changes caused some delays. Maybe things could have been better. But these kind of things are not so unusual or avoidable.

It's a fact of the business.

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