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Enrollment up at JCCC, expected to be down at KU

I probably should mention syntax too.

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Enrollment up at JCCC, expected to be down at KU

Given the grammar the above sentence, perhaps you should reconsider your post?

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Gas stations' switch to summer fuel could mean a rise in gas prices

Sorry: your case for gold as a macro (or micro for that matter) economic indicator is a bit simplistic. I'm not going to cite any literature on this , but if you're interested do scholar google search.

The value of gold, or silver, or any other commodity (including oil, gasoline/petrol, most currencies -- except the Huan and a few others, coffee, etc), floats based broadly on speculation within and throughout the world's markets. Supply and demand are one factor in cost/price, but certainly not the only one -- ask Goldman Sachs why they were trying to corner the market for rice a few years ago (the answer is it was a hedge against the price of oil -- a price that they were also complicit in establishing).

In fact, its not exactly safe to establish a linear relationship between oil and gold at all. While you might be right in saying that gold today buys more oil than it did 10 yrs ago, both commodities were and are subject to different upward/downward pressures. Same with the dollar for that matter. In other words, it's not possible to directly compare different time periods on a like for like bases. There are too many other variables that impact a daily price for that. In relation, a Bloomberg analyst I know argues that gold is over-valued at the moment (e.g. not a good long-term bet) because of worldwide economic uncertainty -- speculators are flocking to it.

I'd argue, given that oil is a vital commodity and its scarcity is growing, oil is undervalued and the price/b should be much higher. Of course, given the fluctuations, variables and speculations, its impossible to establish a 'real' value for it -- or for any globally traded commodity. In other words, there is no such thing as a real price for anything: just what someone would pay for it...

All of these questions, however, are academic. The simpler solution, if one is concerned about the price they pay at the pump (all of the other relationships not withstanding), is to buy less gasoline, e.g. drive less, drive a smaller, more efficient car, and do all of the things that the DOE recommends (as cited at the bottom of the article). When people complain about the price of gasoline, I'm reminded of I-Banker friend of mine who was complaining about the operating cost of his new Porsche -- e.g. there's an easy way to avoid having to pay for it.

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Waste of time

'Narcissistic' is a big word. Are you sure you know how to use it? I am guessing you meant 'arrogant' or 'conceited' (though the later would be a bit questionable in this context). Perhaps more funding for education and less funding for what used to be called 'witch-hunts' (or hunts in general) is on order?

As for the rest of what you said., you got me -- though in relation to 'fat, white men', if the glove fits...

Each time I fly over Kansas, I have fond memories of my time there. The operative phrase, however, is 'fly over'.

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Kansas Rep. Virgil Peck apologizes for illegal immigrant, feral hogs remark

This 'Peck' guy is barely literate. As someone indicates above: buffoons like this are in charge of the state's budget and law making. If we the the people are the government, and the government behaves like a bunch of uneducated, anti-intellectual morons, who don't even have the good sense to keep their bigotry quiet, what does that say about us?

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Waste of time

No wonder Kansas and by extension Kansans is a social, cultural and increasingly economic backwater. I mean seriously? These 'hearings' are nothing more than grandstanding by a bunch of predominantly fat, white, racist men who are trying to sound hard about national security to salvage whatever is left of their political credibility as they take kickbacks from their true base. These same attitudes suggest the we 'Americans' should shoot Mexicans from helicopters to protect our (menial) jobs; fund economically disastrous, and morally bankrupt wars abroad in the names of 'freedom' and 'democracy' for all, while mendaciously and overtly selling out the American people to the relatively narrow interests of high finance.

What makes me sad, as evidenced by 85% of the comments on these forums is that the 'people' not only don't care, but are too stupid to realise that they should care. Though, I guess tragedy and comedy are difficult to tell apart until the end.

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Unifying gestures are a start

Wikipedia characterizes Body Count as a 'heavy metal/crossover thrash/punk band'. Ice-T, who at the time was known as primarily a rapper, though was also making early forays into acting, formed Body Count as an amusing, somewhat ironic, side project. I actually own a version of the album that was released before the controversial 'cop killer' graphic was removed from the cover, and upon quick re-listen, it is indeed as Wikipedia labels it (e.g. 'heavy metal/crossover thrash/punk').

You may like a lot of rap, and although you share a lot in common with critics, such mindlessly espousing opinions about subjects you materially know very little about except mundane talking points channeled to you through 24hour news medium , you're not much of a music critic either.

My recommendation is stick to what you know...

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Kobach challenging in-state tuition rates for undocumented students

Given I no longer live in Kansas, normally I wouldn't care what agendas and laws a KS state official decides to pursue. However, since it now looks like Kobach may have some national reach, it pains me to think that you idiots elected this nimrod. Well done for proving, once again, that Kansas is a cultural, intellectual and increasingly an economic back water whose only contribution to the rest of the world is wheat and a bunch mean-spirited, greedy white men who fancy themselves as political activists.

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Nation must see racist acts for what they are

That Tom Shewmon guy writes at the bottom of a different article:

'Obama feels to his marrow that anyone in the hoi polli who has too much money laying around needs to be handing it over to him. He wants to take it, stamp us all out into mindless, penniless androids so him and his radical progressive bunch can fulfill their Marxist dream of total governmental control with no questions asked. Since whites have most of the money, is this retribution?'

At the same time, at the bottom of this article, he denies that he is indeed racist. I wonder which is true; he's either a racist or a moron. Which is it?

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Coming to a cage near you: Mixed Martial Arts hitting local scene

If a PhD student says it, it must be true. Despite claims to knowledge and a supposed cultural 'reading' of a 'social history,' (s)he fails to mention the homoerotic tendencies that this 'sport's' heritage would suggest--tendencies that are generally considered to be implicit in sports like football... What I find troublesome is that while this behaviour is sanctioned and condoned in the name of sport, similar practices in the name of 'togetherness' are openly protested and banned.Frankly, however, if two grown men want to 'grapple' each other in an east Lawrence cage in order to prove their manhood, I say let them indulge their fantasies. But, let me ask--is Coyote's a leather bar?

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