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Fib's Collection of Record Proportions

This was actually my grandfather. I am so glad you see the beauty he did. The entire collection is actually 20X larger than what is in the museum...maybe bigger. There are many duplicates of these items as well. It is amazing he, one man, was able to upkeep the entire thing, but unfortunately my family is unable to do so. Each grandchild and great-grandchild now have many pieces of the collection and several of us are buying even more of the pieces that we treasure to help sustain my grandmother. In fact, my husband and I are purchasing their home to keep it in our family. This collection is really so much more amazing in person.

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Collection of antique record players, '94 years in the making,' on display in Blue Rapids

This is actually my grandfather. I am 22 years old and have seen the great value in sharing these items. Although he left many pieces for all his grandchildren and even great grandchildren, many of us have still chosen to purchase these items to help sustain my grandmother. In fact, my husband and I will be purchasing their home to keep in our family since it has so much history. Even though we have taken great lengths to keep many of these pieces in the family, there are still hundreds of duplicates that we can share with the rest of the world. We are keeping a lot of things in Kansas, but we can't teach others about our history if we don't share. And the entire collection is just too much up keep for my grandmother anymore. We are saving this for the future....but one family can only do so much!

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