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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

The dialogue was meaningful before. There were the commentors that are better left ignored, but a lot of very good discussions occurred.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Better? Why? Because people who fear reprisal in their professional lives will no longer comment? It will greatly reduce the variety of voices on this forum. I will tell someone face-to-face my opinion, because I can control who I talk to. I do not like the idea of some opinion of mine being used against me in the future by someone who doesn't agree with me.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

I never had a MySpace account when that was popular, so I agree with you jafs. Your commentary will be missed. I only have a facebook account to stay in touch with family (share photos, videos, etc) and have a very limited friend base.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

I work in a professional, highly-regulated industry and will now create a fake Facebook account to link to so I can continue commenting....I could very well lose my job if I used my real name and the wrong people found it. Not chancing it. This is the worst idea ever. If people don't like the comments, no one is forcing them to read it...seems ridiculous to cater to the whiners!

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Faith Forum: At college, is it OK to bring up religion in my dorm, scholarship hall, fraternity or sorority?

Why is only Christianity discussed on this faith forum? It would be great to hear views from other religions. Buddhists, by the way, can be any religion they want. Buddhism is more of a way of life, which can embrace any religious view the person likes. It does not concern itself with the afterlife, gods and such. It is about how to live this life we have now.

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Letter: Felony required?

I was responding to Purplesage. The indent on these things are confusing. I liked your comment. Like usual, it was very informative and interesting.

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Shutdown hurting U.S. image abroad, top pollster, KU grad tells Lawrence audience

Most left-leaning people are very intelligent and highly educated (according to many polls that were conducted back during the election), so your statement is ridiculous. This study showed (whether completely accurate or not) that the average IQ of conservative Republicans was much lower than the average IQ of Democrats....I think I know where you fall.

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Developer pursuing idea for East Lawrence bistro in Warehouse Arts District

They need to remodel the front of the building. I've been by that place many times and always thought it was a closed, former-bar...looks like it from the outside.

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Letter: Felony required?

Marriage was around well before Christianity, so keep your religion out of people's lives.

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Opinion: Government should govern

You're not paying anyone's insurance with Obamacare. It spreads out the risk of insuring to more people, which eventually should make everyone's rates decrease.

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