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Excellent product and excellent customer service. Good Energy Solutions takes the time to really understand want you want from solar power and customizes the system to fit your home and your needs.

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River City Jules: Saying farewell

I will miss your column. Thank you and good luck with your new projects.

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Thanks, but no thanks - religion in the schools

Thank you for an insider's perspective. Although my German is improving - I've graduated from telling someone my name to telling someone what I had for breakfast - it is not adequate enough to navigate a conversation about religion with other parents at our daughter's school. It really is a fascinating contrast in attitudes. I have read in the English language papers about the difficulties of introducing Islamic classes and I can only think that this is the tip of an iceberg of changes on the horizon.

While religion class in the school has been a philosophical adjustment, I have to admit that I am really looking forward to the Weihnachtsmarkts.


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What are they learning?

By the way, it is illegal in Germany to solely homeschool your child. All children must physically attend a school.

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What are they learning?

I have no idea what I did to fix it either, just copied and pasted from another document to see if it changed anything. Anyway, yes we are doing some homeschooling in math and science through the Lawrence Virtual School and there is an excellent German-American library here with a good kid's section.

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Texting while biking

Finally got a picture for you. We've been on yet another school break (see previous post). I've never seen the little bikes on the street, but I do see them crossing streets.

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Thank goodness we did this before 5th grade

Whether you attend Gymnasium for 9 years or 8 years currently depends upon the Länder (State). According to The Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education, most of the Länder are transitioning to an 8 year curriculum.

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Religion in the School

My husband's work provided an opportunity for us to leave Lawrence temporarily. Because we had visited Germany on several prior occasions it was somewhat familiar and we did think that this would be a unique opportunity for our daughter to live abroad, and for our family to travel. While we are very fortunate to have this opportunity, I think our daughter is reserving judgement on whether she is "lucky" or not.

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Finding our way

While my German is too rudimentary to have a conversation about outcomes for special needs kids, I can tell you a little bit about how special education is approached here. According to the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education, Germany is moving toward what we call mainstreaming. Special needs children can attend mainstream schools if adequate provisions can be made, such as the availability of special education teachers. Special needs are divided into the following categories:

• blind
• visually impaired
• deaf
• hearing impaired
• mental disabled
• physically disabled
• pupils with learning difficulties
• students with behavioural problems
• students with impaired speech
pupils with a disease

What appears to be more common, is cooperation between a mainstream school and a special needs school where classrooms are mixed at certain grade levels. My daughter’s school has such an agreement with a school for the mentally handicapped (their term) for one of the first grade classes. The city of Heidelberg has a special focus on attempting to mainstream children who are chronically ill. If you’d like more information, check out the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education or the special needs school Graf von Galen ( which has a translate button so you can read it in English.

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Finding our way

That may be. The program has not started yet, but I'll be sure to post something when I have more information. Thanks for reading.

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