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Editorial: Unsightly structure

It will make a nice companion to that hideous microwave tower downtown, which should have been torn down as an eyesore ages ago.

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A look at how KU and its students would fare under President Obama's higher education reforms

Providing "good information" by no means assures that people make "wise decisions." Colleges (like car companies and political parties) spend fortunes on marketing to assure that prospective students will want what they are offering. And, of course, surveys show that the vast majority of graduates are satisfied or very satisfied with the colleges they attended.

Frankly, all we need is another government mandate imposing new costs and reporting responsibilities on state and private organizations. One reason for rising college tuition that never gets enough attention in the media is the accelerating cost of federal government regulations and the increasing intrusion of Washington into all aspects of higher education. Colleges are loathe to complain, given their perennial reliance on federal grants and student loan programs that support tuition.

Barack Obama chiding colleges about rising costs is ludicrous in any case. As CEO of the organization running more red ink than any other in the world, he is hardly in the position to be lecturing anyone about financial restraint and good management.

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Heard on the Hill: Digging into that faculty survey; WSJ reports on KU-KSU relations, 'manicured lawns'; British market researcher (and knight) visiting campus next week

"Manicured"? "Urbane"? Have you looked around Mount Oread lately? Compare campus upkeep and cultural/intellectual life to most large private universities (in the Big 12, TCU and Baylor, for instance) and it's KU that looks like the dusty, shabby cow college.

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Rankings matter

As always, I hate to admit it, but the LJW is right about the weak leadership at KU. Bernadette Do-Little is a nothing and does not command respect among other university presidents, let alone KU faculty. The provost is using the standard script for upper administrators - strategic plan, tightening belts, refocusing resources on targeted areas, fiddling with the curriculum - but has the vision of a technocrat, not a leader. KU looks poised to continue treading water.

It is no coincidence that both KU and KSU are at the bottom of the barrel of the rankings in the Big 12. The Kansas legislature and much of the Kansas population is hostile towards higher education and suspicious of quality. The state's overall comfort with mediocrity inevitably rubs off on its universities, no matter how good the faculty, how active the fundraisers, or how hopeful the students.

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Heard on the Hill: Kansan newspaper cutting Friday print editions; website ranks Lawrence as No. 5 college town; SUA carnival postponed due to weather

Champaign-Urbana and College Station are absolute wastelands, and Oxford is a blink-and-you'll-miss it sleepy little town (think Grinnell, Iowa with Spanish moss hanging from the trees). Lawrence, Boulder, Iowa City, Ann Arbor, and Bloomington are model college towns. Stillwater (and any other place where the local campus has "State" in its name), Gainesville, Columbia, Tuscaloosa, and State College are God-forsaken places of exile.

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Author of KU's first common book shares thoughts on writing, college, Kansas and more

Please note that Eula Biss is listed on the Northwestern website as a "continuing lecturer," not a professor, as she incorrectly refers to herself in this interview. Let's hope she is less loose and fast with facts in her "non-fiction" writing.

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Haskell records request unmet

Good for the JW following up on this. We need some accountability from Haskell and BIA.

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KU researcher receives $410,000 National Science Foundation award

KU doesn't actually get that many CAREER awards: two this year, one last year, and three the year before, according to the NSF database. Given the importance of this recognition for young scholars, surely such an award is deserving of a short notice in the LJW.

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Heard on the Hill: KU makes an appearance on MTV's "16 and Pregnant"; Sigma Alpha Epsilon national organization confirms KU chapter has not gone alcohol-free; look for maces, marshals at commencement

Just go by SAE on any Sunday morning and you can confirm that it has not gone alcohol-free. Except in the sense that all the bottles and kegs on their lawn have been sucked clean of alcohol.

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House delivers mammoth tax cut bill to Brownback, who says he is prepared to sign it

Property taxes are extremely low in Kansas. Compare them to rates in states like Texas and New Hampshire, which do not have income taxes. The most likely outcome of this is that state taxes go down but property taxes at the local level go way up to offset the cuts.

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