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Officers may face discipline at state level

umm....LKPD do not have badge numbers....

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Man displays gun during disturbance in downtown Lawrence

Hillarious. Literally choke on my soda! :D

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Lawrence City Commission approves funding for SRS office

I just said not all of those provide individuals transportation...don't be dense. That was just a super quick search. Also, Indy, DGCO Senior Services, not to mention persons on the HCBS waiver who are allowed transportation services thorugh any ILC's care attendants are all capable of driving out of town for doc appts ect. You are all just making excuses.

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Lawrence City Commission approves funding for SRS office

The human services field used to be worth while until you see all the people abusing it. It loses a bit of it's shine. For the single mom with an unreliable car working for minimum wage, the library has computers available. And most younger people these days have some sort of telephone they can use, whether it be their own or a friend/family. It is so, so frustrating to me to listen to people make exuses for every reason under the sun to make things easier when the resources are still available, just through a different avenue. For people that are truly unable to gain access through those avenues there are accomodations in place. If you're blind, do you think they're going to make you drive to topeka or joco? no, more than likely they will do a phone interview or send someone out to you. I know I sound uncaring and unfeeling but just because one is elderly or has disabilities does not mean they are completely incapable of figuring things out on their own or getting the help they need to do so, for some, yes they may have a problem but for the vast majority, no. For persons needing the assistance who have no physical restriction keeping them from going to the library or picking up the phone, i'm sorry there is no excuse. Now i'm done arguing as I can see it's pointless.

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Lawrence City Commission approves funding for SRS office

hmm...thats not what I get? Maybe you shouldn't be such a bozo and you wouldn't have a problem, eh? OH!! I get it!!! You must be one of those that are needing services but just have no idea how to access them...get a life.

Handicapped Disabled Transportation Service listings in Lawrence Kansas
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2705 Wildflower Dr
Lawrence, KS 66047-1893 (Map)


View Details Assist LLC

4229 Briarwood Dr
Lawrence, KS 66049-1998 (Map)


View Details BS Transportation

331 Maple St
Lawrence, KS 66044-1552 (Map)


View Details Clo

2113 Delaware St
Lawrence, KS 66046-3149 (Map)


View Details Douglas County Sheriff

1242 Massachusetts St
Lawrence, KS 66044-3350 (Map)


View Details General Public Transportation

2001 Haskell Ave
Lawrence, KS 66046-3249 (Map)


View Details Kansas State of


View Details Total Transportation Services

3300 Clinton Pkwy Ste A
Lawrence, KS 66047 (Map)


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Lawrence City Commission approves funding for SRS office

Really?! The SRS toll free number and internet applications are all because of the Lawrence SRS Office? Im certain that not all of these transportation services are available for individual transportation but a quick search online for "Lawrence kansas transportation services, disability" came up with this. Did the Lawrence SRS office create that webpage/search??

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Lawrence City Commission approves funding for SRS office

Actually, I've worked in this field for several years. Would you like links to the SRS pages where you can access the same information? Would you like me to give you their phone number? Do you think SRS Case Managers wont come to you? Would you like the number to Independence, Inc. or other centers that offer driving services for appointments such as these? Give me a break people, do you want me to carry you on my effing back?!! For the elderly and persons mentally incapable of using the internet and phone resources there are provisions in place for those people to still receive services. Use your heads. Additionally, don't speak of my not knowing or my frustration because it's simply something i disagree with because of dont know me and obviously don't know much

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Lawrence City Commission approves funding for SRS office

This is absolutely stupid and ridiculous. NONE of these people would lose services if our local office were to close. NONE! There are many ways to access those services, not just physically going into the office.

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restaurant battles....Yesteryear edition

What are funny tacos? They sounds like they might be good!

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Police requests

You can find instances for abuse of power in EVERY SINGLE job on the planet. Teachers, politicians, police officers, grocery store clerks, bartenders, coffee house baristas. I can find you many, many instances of teachers abusing their power of authority. Hell, I can find you a ton of instances of grown adult teachers, male and female, who take advantage of their students naive nature and hold sexual relationships with kids far to young to understand the ramifications. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that all teachers are bad. Some parents abuse their children....does that mean all parents are bad? Should I pull up a you tube of child abuse to lump each and every parent ever to prove to you that all parents are bad. L_O - Grow up and get a life. Your conspiracy theories are annoying...however, I have some alien memorabilia and footage from 9/11 showing that bush is actually behind it I'd be interested in selling you. Geesh!!

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