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Names of driver and cyclist in Tuesday accident released

Kentucky is a 2 lane One way Crossing the center wouldn't kill you. Failing to nearly killed HIM

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Man bites officer after Taser incident

Bar owner should've called Animal Control instead.

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Lawrence mom guilty of manslaughter in death of her 5-year-old

Even if I DID have drugs in my home. Sure as Hell wouldnt hide them in a container known for containing shiny, pretty,sweet holiday edibles knowing a child might discover them. And why was she hiding her medication in the first place? Oh wait, could it be that Oxycontin has been disapproved for use? Sounds like someone tryin to get high, not well. No one NEEDS to know the woman to know she's a goof. Tragic all around. Havnt read any " cheap comments " yet. One cant excuse the unexcusable. I contest you to kick that one around the Thanksgiving dinner table.

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Police searching for driver who fled during traffic stop

Waymon???? Too farkin funny. What a Fuddism

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Test excavation of possible grave site at Ninth and New Hampshire likely to happen in next few days

What is gonna happen in a few hundred years? No one has cared about the bazillion human corpses that have fought, for right or wrong, and died under the very homes which we sleep so comfortably until this point. Blood has been spilled for eons over every tract of land since the first 2 cavemen had a disagreement. Do what we have always done and build forward and move on. Hasnt stopped Lawrencians from building before. Outside the parking garage on New Hampshire and 10th there used to be a bronze memorial plate that called attention to the many men, women, and regretably, children who died during the raid near that spot. That plate no longer rests there since the switch from parking lot to parking structure. Has anyone else noticed this? I just wonder where people would live if not for blood spilled for that land. Their fight is over. Been called home long ago. Although I believe in respect for the dead I have to acknowledge the fact that they are just that. Dead. If someone dies in a house should the building be razed? However, historical signifigance is paramount. If any are found, by all means, exume, identify, respectfully bury somewhere else and build away. It matters not who they were, what life they led, Black or White...They are poor souls who either died in fear or died for what they thought was " right " Bottom line is dig away. If you find remains go the appropriate route, remove,examine,identify,report,re-bury,rebuild. And I'd like to know what happened to that Bronze plate.....

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