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Topeka man charged in May 19 double shooting now indicted on federal gun charges

So whats the difference between battery and aggravaated battery? Is Aggravated Battery when someone pisses you off and then you pummel them? Is Battery just some Sociopath who pummels for no reason? The first sounds more justifiable....pummeling aside. I work with my hands and hate sore knuckles. Perhaps I need a KnuckleStun to protect my weathered, yet delicate digits.

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'Special kind of crazy' thief steals disabled dog's wheelchair

Hey, every kid needs a hobble....I mean hobby.

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Lawrence man arrested after reports of gunshots

Probably got it at Wal-Mart. They sell M-4s with all the trimmings now.

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Blood test shows driver who hit KU student on Tennessee Street was drunk

Kuszmaul probably feels terrible about the incident, but maybe he should still get the Nancy Kerrigan treatment. Eye for an Eye and all.

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What do you think is the best way to combat obesity in Kansas?

Habenero infused forks

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Lawrence man gets probation in explosives case

Talk about bunk charges. What a dud.

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Topeka police say man who fired a gun and assaulted a police car was high

Make sure the offender pays for the vehicles' PTSD sessions. So traumatizing.

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‘The Socially Skilled Child Molester’: How communities and parents overlook pedophiles

Eric Sims- DeMolay. Held meetings at Masonic Temple downtown and attracted young boys with trips to Penny Annie's and Worlds of Fun. Hard to read a guy sometimes. They dont all drive white vans with blacked-out windows or have tattoos of Jolly-Ranchers on their palms. With all the beautiful women in Lawrence I just cant understand why a guy would choose to be " Uncle Bad-Toucher " Maybe I'm not supposed to understand. Oh, well. Hope they get chewed. Ever touch my kid and I'm keeping the hand.

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