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Police searching for suspects who fled accident scene at 100 mph

For everyone complaining about the survey questions:
There are very easy ways around them and other ads, trackers, etc on websites. Doesn't take too much to find them.

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Westar Energy's proposal would increase rates for homes and small businesses, but decrease rates for big businesses

I would support this only if we were all allowed to sit for a few hours in the lobby of a big business and enjoy the A/C while we charged our devices and used their wi-fi...

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Father of slain toddler grieves in Missouri jail

I had been wondering all along about Lana's father, as I had not read anything that even mentioned who he was. Thank you for the article.

His story is sad and his decisions have been poor, but I'm glad he appears to have accepted responsibility and the consequences for his actions. I hope these tragedies motivate him to be a better person.

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Senate approves bill to put KDOT secretary in charge of Kansas Turnpike Authority

Looks like I won't be taking the turnpike anymore. And that is very sad.

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City streets mostly clear of snow, but drivers warned of ice on roads

I was happy to see a lot of people driving slow on Iowa and on 23rd and giving other drivers plenty of space around 6:30 this morning. K-10 was another matter.

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KU student appears in court on charges filed after accident in which another student lost his legs

Interesting. I didn't know people still contested BAC readings, although I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I figured the prior DUI factored in because it said he was pleading not guilty to "a second offense of DUI". Semantic ambiguity to due my lack of DUI experience/law knowledge.
Thanks for the info!

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KU student appears in court on charges filed after accident in which another student lost his legs

Could someone explain to me the reason for pleading "not guilty" to the 2nd DUI offense instead of "no contest" when they have your BAC from the time of the accident and your past record showing a prior DUI? To me, it seems more "strategic" to plead no contest. Are 2nd offense DUIs really that easy to get out of? Seems like you would plead down instead of not guilty.

Also, any word on the driver that was parked illegally being charged with anything? I missed the article if there was one.

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Simons' Saturday Column: KU can’t afford to fall behind online course trends

Perhaps KU could offer credit for students who take MOOCs from other universities. There overhead would be practically non-existent.

Basically they could offer KU students who are enrolled at least part-time (maybe full-time) credit for a comparable course if the exams are proctored (for a fee, of course). Most MOOC courses are intro-level courses. Many KU introductory courses are very similar to MOOCs anyway since they don't account for attendance and most of the interaction is with TAs and other students. (A plus to the student is that you don't actually have to sit next to said-students!)

So KU can charge a per exam proctor fee which covers the cost of a TA sitting in a room for 4 hours. And then, of course, there would be a processing fee, a service fee, a tech-usage fee, a transcript updating fee, etc. They could actually make a killing on these!!!

(Sorry LJWorld/Chrome don't let me post unless it's a reply usually. Weird.)

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KU not spooked by MOOCs: Officials say they're watching free online course trend, but not acting yet

I just recently completed a MOOC course from the MIT branch of edX. We had graded tests and assignments and everyone that completed the course with a passing grade receives a "Certificate of Completion" with a verification code.

It was definitely an interesting experience. I learn best by listening to a lecture rather than reading, so I was already fairly well suited for this type of education. This course allowed me to watch all the lectures on my own time and not miss out on anything due to illness, work, travel, etc. I was able to learn from great professor and interact with TAs as well as professionals and students from all over the world. The forums were dominated by those not teaching the class and were extremely valuable. The top contributors were quickly recognized and brought the right type and amount of sarcasm and moderating that educators should be able to give but often can't for fear of being rude or "too harsh". The community was made of people that WANTED to be there--not people that had to in order to complete a degree.

A lot of students did drop the course. Some people just wanted to audit it. Others realized it was too difficult or no longer had the time every week to dedicate to lectures and problem sets. The course claimed it was upholding the rigor of a traditional MIT class. How many applicants does MIT reject every semester? There is no pre-requisite for enrolling in a class. They tell you what you SHOULD know before taking it, but there is no system that bars you from it because you don't have a passing grade from high school algebra. So a lot of people enroll that are not academically fit for the course, and as a result, drop or don't receive a passing grade.

As a KU grad, I'm disappointed that they are not pursuing or even really thinking about doing anything like this. There were several KU classes that I wanted to take but time, money and push to complete a degree in 4 (or less) kept me from taking them. It would be nice to take intro-level courses from some of KU's best professors with other people that actually were interested in the subject instead of dealing with the distractions from the I-don't-care-about-this-subject-I'm-just-required-to-take-this-class students.

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Kansas rolls out new driver's license

"For the first time the card has ... color photos of the Statehouse and sunflower, and two images of the cardholder on the front."

I don't know about anyone else, but I see wheat instead of a sunflower and 3 pictures of the cardholder on the front.

But maybe that's just me...

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