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Douglas County drug investigation seizes $1 million in meth from Mexican drug cartel

Good keep that junk out if here.

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Father of slain toddler grieves in Missouri jail

Just because people make poor choices doesn't mean they do not feel. Especially after five months of detoxing. He may not of been thinking when on drigs, bit he has been off them for a few months now. It's called moment of clarity. There is information in the story if we look beyond the sorrow. Mr Bailey states that he lived with Mr Stout and introduced Kaylie and stout. He also stated he( Mr Bailey) was using drugs at the time. You do the math. Mr Bailey also pointed out his brother was murdered during that time. Grief can cause a extreme mental break. Add a violent murder to the mix it could and has led to alcohol and drug abuse. It seems there were slit of poor choices made, but not just be Bailey. In time I believe much will come to light about all the.players I'm this saga. Lana was the true victim in this horrible situation. While I can understand the pain of Bailey and other survivors the only sadness I can justify is for Lana.

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Will you donate to the Post Office food drive?

No. It's going to justfood aka the united way. Hell no!!!

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

The state sure is counting those beans.

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Lawrence-based Wicked Broadband announces plan to install super-fast 1 gigabit Internet service to Lawrence neighborhood

Proceed with caution. Freenet wasn't free , snares everywhere.

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Police cite 46 in Monday night seat belt enforcement

Just wear your darn seat belt!!!

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Farmer wants to highlight need for more jobs, technical education as part of City Commission campaign

That's the truth. Beware of the man who breeches confidential conversations and embellished them with B S . He is no robin hood, in fact the exact opposite.

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