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Topeka man dies after vehicle accident near KU campus

My heart goes out to the entire Garcia family, their extended family and friends of Adrian....I grew up in North Lawrence with a lot of the Garcia Family and they are one of the most loving and tight families I have ever had the honor of knowing. For ANYONE to say ANYTHING negative about a young man they never knew or a family they may never have known is immensly disrespectful, petty and extremely cruel!!! The entire family is in mourning over the loss of Adrian and I understand this is a public forum and that everyone is entitled to their comments good/bad but think very carefully about what you say as it could come back to haunt you someday......we DON'T know what happened or what was going on through anyones mind when they are in any particular situation such as this. Unitl you've experienced something this traumatic, those of you who are posting the disrespectful comments should probably just go about doing something else more worthwhile than tearing this AWESOME young man apart!!! In time I hope all of your hearts can heal and always remember that Adrian will be with you forever.....

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Military equipment, including body armor, other items stolen from service member's vehicle

The soldier should have taken his gear inside, it is never to be left unsecured in your vehicle regardless on if it is locked or not. The soldier will most likely have the missing equipment taken out of his monthly pay and get a counseling statement from his chain of command.

As for the comments by KansasLiberal.......seriously you feel the need to belittle the same people that defend your freedoms to spout off like you did in this blog....I'd like to see you go into another country like Iraq or Afghanistan and make these same comments.....if you were one of those countries citizens you would not be allowed to say anything against anyone in those countries, well unless you'd like to be stoned to death, shot, hanged or doused in acid. I definitely support freedom of speech, it is when individuals spout childish, uneducated comments that I think to myself what a waste.....if you're going to condemn those that protect your freedoms at least have something somewhat more intelligent to say...

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Sick and tired of the waiting game

I injured my knee terribly last year and packed on 40lbs and despite that, I know 100% that it is MY fault I still have that extra 40lbs a year later.....I wasn't able to work out the way I used to but boy that didn't stop my hands from feeding my face instead....taking ownership is what we as people seem to NOT do anymore! I don't know this lady personally I have only read the comments that others have posted but if she's done this to herself then SHE needs to take responsibility and suck it up and do the best she can to fix the things she can.....the diabetes could probably be fixed depending on the severity with a proper diet (others have posted this already) there are cases where people that aren't obese/overweight do have diabetes (my Uncle is a thin man and still got the disease in his 50s).
Not to sound like a real jerk but I think one of my biggest issues with articles like this are with the folks they have chosen to show the problems within the system......why not speak with SRS or whomever and do an article on those that truly suffer as mentioned already by many of the readers today...what about children with disabilities who may never be functional enough to have a job and their parents (many of whom work their butts off and pay taxes just like the rest of us) who will until their death need to support their children with little, if no help at all! Or the elderly that have busted their butts their entire life and finally retire at 65-70 years old and get very little assistance....Or furthermore our VETERANS who have become mentally and physically injured due to war, what about them? These are the folks that I have RARELY ever seen give up! They all fight the fight daily and keep plugging along doing the best they can....the three mentioned examples I gave have to fight tooth and nail to get any assistance (if you think it's easy for our disabled Veterans to get assistance, well think again there is a lot of red tape involved in that process too) I know that there are many arguments that can and will possibly be made by what I posted but the bottom line is that there are people in this world that deserve help and people that really need to suck it up and try harder before they rely on everyone elses dollar to save them....

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Man accused of shoplifting, then biting Walmart employee

Walmart, just like a lot of stores has a loss preventition team that deals solely with employee theft, shoplifting, damaged merchandise and anything else that would fall into this category. The unfortunate reason why some employee's (not loss prevention) are getting reprimanded by their employer for stepping up and stopping shoplifters or robberies is that they aren't trained to handle those particular situations. Those companies that don't have trained employee's in this department advise them to refrain from doing anything because it's not worth the employee's life to stop someone from shoplifting or robbing the business.

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LHS students accused of trespassing in senior prank

My brothers class in the early 70s at LHS took apart a VW Bug, transported every part into LHS and reassembled it....Mr. Rife wasn't too happy at the time but when I got to LHS in the 80s he thought it was pretty comical....needless to say my senior year he watched me pretty closely LOL....We also had a teacher that told us about his senior prank at LHS. A huge group of seniors decided that at graduation they'd all put doves under their gowns and let them go at a certain time.....needless to say when the time came and they all opened up their gowns, every single dove dropped to the ground.....yep it was so hot that day that none of them thought about the doves maybe kicking it before they released them....Oh yeah not a good prank at all!

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LHS students accused of trespassing in senior prank

yes and there wasn't much done due to the fact it was one of our local judges son cost a great deal of money for clean up and to replace everything....

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‘If it wasn’t for Missi,’ beloved neighborhood pool ‘wouldn’t be open’

Missi, is an awesome individual! I went to CJHS and LHS with her and she's always been a loving and caring person so it comes as no surprise to me that she's done such an outstanding and selfless job at keeping this pool alive! WAY TO GO, MISSI!!!

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One police officer accused of fixing traffic tickets no longer a city employee; second officer still on suspension

I went to HS with Matt and regardless on what anyone says Matt has done a lot for the LPD and for Lawrence, he's a good person who made a really dumb mistake and now he's thrown away a promising career and future. What he did was wrong and I am NOT in any way condoning what he did and YES he should be punished......before everyone starts bashing him and the LPD also remember he has a wife and small children who will have to live with his mistakes as well. Matt while I am disappointed because you are someone that I always looked up to, I hope that you can learn from this mistake and that you can pull yourself up from this and move on. Good Luck to you!

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Academy combines high school, college for Eudora student

I know the Carder family and they're all very well rounded and intelligent, responsible, polite and just a great family all around!! Great job, Brea I know your parents must be very proud of you :) good luck in everything you do!

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