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Police arrest man after incident outside Club Axis


Perhaps I missed the part where the article says it was an enlisted man in the US Army, could you please let us know how you know this to be true? There are civilians and dependents of military living on Ft. Riley, I suspect more than enlisted people. In the military, being 22 years old is not a given to being enlisted. There are many 22 year old officers.

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Lawrence legislator angers many with his proposed energy bill

The "many" that Rep. Sloan have angered amount to, Utilities and the state’s lead consumer ratepayer agency. Keep up the good work Sloan, compromise when you have to, but keep after them.This headline is pure BS

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US budget deficit zooming to half-trillion as Bush leaves

A half-trillion seconds ago, the year was 16842 B.C. I am not even sure if the world existed then.That may put into perspective, how much a half-trillion is.

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Petraeus rejects Iraq timetable

Get me a plane, and I will be out of Iraq today...

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Just wondering why the Library is not on the pie chart, as it seems to be the fourth largest amount in the budget??? Too large in my mind, and the library folks are wanting much more for a new buildings.

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Do you think Obama can win Kansas in the general election?

Gosh, I hope nobody tells the Governor, Attorney General, Dennis Moore, etc that Kansas is a Republican only state; because I am sure they will not run for office. I for one, will wait and see who both sides pick for a running mate and their stance on issues that concern me before I decide.

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Man charged with causing damage at bar

lying on a stage inside the building? Should be more like, Passed out on a stage inside the building. Hope you had a good time, douchbag.

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Loaded in Lawrence: Carrying concealed in the city

Although I am not sure, I believe that there was a state law that was passed to supersede towns like Lawrence from making illegal the intent of the CC laws, however I am sure that posters from all sides will be here soon to illustrate.

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KC police officer shot by fellow officer

igby, While Wyandotte is crime problems it is in Kansas not Kansas City, Mo.

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Should two merchant groups reimburse Kansas Athletics the $6,400 it had to forfeit for canceling an event at the Holidome in order for its championship basketball players to participate in a downtown parade?

I suppose I don't get it. What does an event with a select few donor meeting the team with dinner etc. and a parade have in common? Why couldn't KU go ahead with there hotel dinner? Wasn't there a letter about the same type of event KU held at some JOCO hotel? It sounds to me like a lot of BS coming from the hill, thinking that local merchants should pay them to have a function in the town they live or work in. There would not be much of a college and sports team if it were not for the community merchants.

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