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Sound Off: I am going to be out of state this winter and spring for work. I love following the Jayha

I know it probably doesn't help but I have to rub it in. Here in Phoenix, I think Fox Sports Arizona has carried all but one or two of the KU football games this year (and think those were on another station). I don't know what the fasination is with KU but they are on every week down here. Can't wait to see if it holds for B-Ball too!

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Obama wins re-election

The crazy thing is the GOP had the right man. They could have won this if they let Romney be who he was, a moderate centrist who did work with the other side in Mass. He put in place a healthcare system that polls well in the state. He was pro-choice. He had the credentials to say he could run the economy better than Obama. He's a man of faith and family. He was up against a President that had presided over high unemployment, that had scandals popping up left and right and that had little to no plan for changing what he was already doing in his second term. If the party faithful would have gotten behind him he could have pulled in moderates and Independents and this could have been a fish in a barrel situation. But the far right wouldn't have it. He had to go and try to out extreme the extremist of the party in the primaries to get the base to back him. Unfortunately for him that made him less palatatable to those moderates and independents he had to have to win. He had to go so far right that getting back to the middle was too great a task. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! These idiots on the far right not only could but did just screw up a wet dream!

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Obama wins re-election

I guess your experience is a little different than mine. My medical insurance went down for this coming year by 36.50 a month for my family of four (BC/BS), and by 41.50 if you throw in vision and dental - plus my co-pays dropped by five dollars each. My company has hundreds of full time US jobs unfilled (though I will admit that we have none in Kansas but I think that says more about Kansas than the company) and thousands open if you don't mind spending some time in the 100+ countries we work in around the world. Almost all these jobs pay well above the US median average. We need engineers, architects, project managers, finance people, accountants, technicians, surveyors, interpreters, office staff, mechanics, we even have jobs cleaning guns and maintaining armories for the gun lovers on here. My point is that if you work for a big box store, a fast food restaurant or some other job where you are just an easily replacable cog in the machine then yes they will do everything they can to pay you as little as possible and they will pass your healthcare costs onto you or the taxpayer if they can. But if you have or can obtain the skills that are in demand in the marketplace (many of our positions require only a high school education or two year degree) you still can have a good job with a livable wage and benefits. What happened to pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and quit blaming "the man" for where your life is and where it is going?

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Had enough

Do you then think it would have been better under McCain/Palin?You can't prove that anymore than the left can prove their view so what's your point?

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Had enough

Adjusting for inflation, a 1982 tax hike under GOP President Ronald Reagan is the largest tax increase ($85.3 billion), and Obama’s health reform law drops to fourth ($71.7 billion), found.

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Had enough

Don't be so hard on yourself. Self-help may work yet.

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Had enough

That was one big lie. So you are 3 and a half years old? Because you just blamed the current president for something that happened "over your lifetime". Did Obama write the tax code so that those people don't pay taxes or is it the same as it was before he was president? Did Obama start the recession that put those people on food stamps? The right always says that Government doesn't create jobs but he is at fault if there are not enough? This is the fifth year that we have increased our debt by 1 trillion dollars but he is only 3+ years into his term and the first years budget was written before he took office but he is responsible for 5 years? I would also suggest you check on your claim of "largest tax increase in history" they say that the statement is false! How can anyone including you you look at this and say the things you list are Obama's fault? Should we blame the housing crash and Iraq on him too?

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Senator McCain Defends Clinton Aide

Would the right please make up their mind! Are we being subverted from within by sneaky Muslims who wish to establish Sharia Law, overrun by blood thirsty Mexicans who want to steal our health care, drive drunk, and rape our wives and daughters, or is it the gay's and lesbians who will turn us into a modern day Sodom insuring God's destruction will rain down upon us? And now I don't want to cause a panic but worst of all, the other day I saw, standing right out on the street corner, unashamed and unrepentant, in broad daylight, no less than an unabashed liberal (also known as a communist, socialist, Marxist, America hating, deadbeat moocher). I swear I don't know which way to point my irrational paranoia anymore! What will happen to us when the Muslims start forcing the Mexican cartels who have taken over our cites to pray towards Mecca and make their women were burkas? Or will the Mexicans force all the Muslims to start drinking, driving and take socialist naps in the middle of the day? Maybe the gay army will win out and force all the Muslims men to wear burkas and sing show tunes while the Mexican men are forced to clean their pools and mow their grass in tight running shorts and t-shirts tied in knots in the front? I swear I don't know if I should go protest a mosque, grab my rifle and head to the border or start looking for backdoor chastity belts. We poor, simplistic 300 million Americans just don't stand a chance! Help us, Jesus, Help us!

(end sarcasm)

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Citizens owe America a better report

"US Navy Seals" Did they come out as a group and say that or is that what you heard a Seal say or heard someone say they heard a Seal say? Got a quote for that one too? As far as what Clinton said, Obama could have just let it go. He could have decided it was too risky: foreign country, civilians could be killed, all our guys could end up ambushed and dead (it was a town equivalent to our West Point) or could end up like the Carter/Iran fiasco with failure before ever reaching the target. Was it a hard decision, Heck Yes! There were a thousand things that could go wrong and if you could think of a hundred you're a genius. Also, after 8 years of a majority of speech's being given almost exclusively at military bases how can anyone complain about Obama using the military for political gain? Does "mission accomplished" and landing on an aircraft carrier wearing a military flight suit ring a bell to you?

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Citizens owe America a better report

First of all I am not apologizing for anyone. Second the quote was not "silly" it was factual. The fail came when you misquoted the president in an attempt to smear him (do you really not see that?). Either you knowing left out part of the quote to change the meaning or you couldn't be bothered in your rush to condemn to find out the context, either way this is your failure not his.
As for me personally, when on salary the whip is not cracked the same as with a hourly employee. As long as I get my work done I'll be just fine, so quit trying to look for something wrong with me to invalidate my point and avoid the fact that you were the one who was incorrect in what you stated as a quote. You still fail to mention how your business functions witthout benefit from the government, or do you just "work with" business owners? Personally as a business owner I will hire when I have demand for my product/service not when I "like" the guy in the oval office or his policy. Let's face it historically speaking tax rates are low, very low but the economy is terrible. I bet your business buddies when pressed would have to admit that the economy has more to do with their unwillingness to hire than taxes. If things were rosy in the rest of the world and the US was the only place having a problem and it started after B.O. took office it would be different. But even China is slowing and Europe is in turmoil. Class warfare is in turning to the 1% and saying they are the problem and it is also in saying look at the union guy he is why we're in this situation. Envy of slightly better off than you is just as bad as envy of the much better off than you. Both sides have their bogeyman and as of now the elimination of either will not in its isolation solve the problems we have. What exactly are the "confiscatory taxes" that Obama has placed on you? How is he punishing your hard work or risk taking, be specific. Until then since you can't seem to post without throwing a thinly veiled personal attack I'll just assume that you are just partisan hack who wouldn't give the president the credit he deserves if Reagan stood up in his grave and told you it was true.

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