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Obama, Romney teams share behind the scenes look at presidential campaigns

Obama had better ties to the Illuminati........that simple!

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Sound off: Is it legal to mow your grass clippings into the street?

Can the city get a ticket when they plow my driveway shut????

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KDOT commits $192 million to complete South Lawrence Trafficway

wetlands..........shmetlands............32nd street please!!! and quick!

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Woman rescued from underneath Kansas River dam

who needs a bridge?

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Josh Selby to attend class Tuesday

FYI......they dont take tests!

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How many speeding tickets have you received in Lawrence?

The question doesnt ask how old you are!

Happy B-day anyhow!

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How many speeding tickets have you received in Lawrence?

Got one tuesday..........f%$#

52 in a 40, nice gentlemen reduced it to 50. Will pay double to make it a non-moving violation and move on.

I have had probably 5 in Lawrence over the last 5 years. As much as I speed, 1 a yr is okay for me.

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Judge rejects guilty pleas, sets trial for man accused of sexually assaulting young girls

it was denied because the defense wants to plead guilty as charged to suffer a less severe sentence. The trial should bring out more evidence to put these freaks away alot longer. On the surface this looks crazy to deny a guilty plea, but they are gonna get what they deserve in the end!

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Crews demolish Lawrence's first McDonald's


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