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Taking aim at exemptions: Recession may make tax breaks a target

It's been a few years since I studied it, but there might be some legal ramifications to taking away the tax exempt status from religious organizations. If it were to pass, the state would most likely get caught up in litigation.

OutlawJHawk - I don't know of these ministers with corporate salaries you write about, and I know plenty in Lawrence (and around the country). In fact, I've been in board meetings at three different religious organizations where the boards voted to give cost-of-living pay increases to the staff over the objections of the staff, who did not want them.

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51-year-old man arrested in murder of George Tiller outside his church

My prayers go out to the members of Reformation Lutheran Church (who are, you know, Christians) who have suffered through this tragedy this morning, and that they will be able to give the Tiller family the support they need in this time.

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Roberts touts SLT as component of high-tech corridor for state

I love the "traffic is horrible on 23rd Street!" argument. Have any of you people that think that ever been in, say, a city? Try driving on I-35 in Johnson County sometime, then you'll see what bad traffic is like.

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Lawrence No. 2 on list of "great college basketball towns to visit"

ninja wrote: "Duke University and its surrounding area is so much more visually stimulating than Lawrence, KS. Sorry, but that's just how it is. 2nd place is - in this case - quite awesome."

If that's the criteria, then Bloomington should be further up the list, too. Plus, IU has more titles than any of the other schools listed.

But, yes, I'll settle for Bloomington being ranked lower than it should be to not have Lexington on there.

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Fossilized fish brain is from Kansas

gr - How else would you think so many fish got into Kansas to become fossilized?

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Banks charging unemployed workers fees on benefits

Shotgun wrote, "Much ado about nothing. These charges can be avoided by opting for direct deposit instead of the debit card. If one does not have a bank account………step up and pay the piper!"

I'm not sure how they do things in Kansas, but I know in other states, you don't have the option of direct deposit. Trust me, I would have loved using that system. But, nope, but state's contract with their private bank wouldn't let me do that.

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Regents ready ‘to cut leash’

In Indiana, each campus of the Indiana University System gets to set its own admission standards. Purdue can do the same with its 6 campuses. Ball State, Indiana State, and Southern Indiana have their own individual standards as well, because each university serves the state in its own way. I fail to see why this change should not be implemented in Kansas. I'm all in support of increasing access to education; however, such access needs to be appropriate to each student's needs, and this cannot be done by having the same standards for every public university.

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'Promise' finds hope in new director

This sounds like a great resource for the community!

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