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Sarah’s ‘village’: Support helps KU student with Asperger’s reach diploma

Congrats, Sarah! Great to hear you're still at Operation Wildlife. I assumed you would choose an English degree; I was surprised to hear of your interest in History!
Katie (Jennings) VanBlaricum

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Young red-tailed hawk released back into wild after recovering from injuries

Thanks for wanting to help OWL! As someone mentioned, check out their main website at the link above, or also check out their Facebook Fan Page, There, you can get up-to-date info. on current patients. OWL is seriously in need of funding for this next year, due to the economy. You can simply donate via PayPal, sending your money to "", or please attend one of two (or both!) fundraisers coming up in October: "Wine and Wings" silent auction/live raptor display/food/fun times/wine tasting at Maceli's and the "Open House" where you can get a tour of the Operation Wildlife hospital facility. Stay tuned to the facebook page for more info.

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Missing tortoise's 10-day adventure included backyard escape, crossing highway

Desert Tortoises are a federally protected species. I know that in the state of California, owners are required to register their Desert Tortoises and provide them with an ID tag in case they go missing. Not sure if there are any such laws in Kansas, but they are a threatened species so I assume the Fish & Wildlife Officer here is correct. I hope this tortoise owner reinforces her fencing so this doesn't happen again. It sounds like she's a good pet owner since she posted all those "missing tortoise" signs.

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How long should property owners have to remove snow from their sidewalk?

The city owns the sidewalk; they should be responsible for it. They can come in and rip my yard and trees up in order to put it in, make it clear that they own the first 5 feet of my yard, and then they expect me to be responsible for it. I didn't want the damn thing in the first place.

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Local Burger makes NY Times Magazine

did Michael Pollan come to Lawrence and I missed it? Drat!

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Vote for McCain

Eww. Seriously? When every other respectable newspaper in the country is endorsing Obama? Lawrence is supposed to be the oasis in this sea of Kansas red! The LJWorld should support Obama, like the rest of the city!

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Will terrorists test Obama?

God, I am so embarrassed to live in a red state, and I'm even more embarrassed that our fine paper published this fecal material. No one should be scared into voting for the wrong candidate.

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Coach's plea to end chant ignored

I don't care if kids hear the chant or not; it's still very unsportsmanlike and it's not how I want my university represented. That chant is something the University of Missouri would say.

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New homes approved at 13th and Iowa

Exactly. Geez, right in my backyard too. Sigh.

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Oil alternatives

Amen, Paul. Great job!

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