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KU room and board rate increase proposed

Thus it begins the merger that was to save the University money means charging the students more to show a profit. Sure didn't see that one coming.

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Homeless shelter sets groundbreaking

Yes there will be people downtown asking/looking for handouts some people choose not to live in the shelters. The staff know and wont admit it but they do accept people from all over the country because Lawrence is considered a good place to come for handouts, even people formerly on the local police force have said that is why people come here to shelter.

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Shelter leader makes case for funding

If you build it they will come , with thier hands out wanting more and more every year. Yes the economy is bad but is the answer just to give them more money or should they work within the budget they have. Is there work that the residents of the shelter can do to earn or pay the city back for the money they want.

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Lawrence Community Shelter seeks $100,000 each from Douglas County and city

If you build it they will come, when u have built it they will come for more money to make room for more people. when does it stop?

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Broken promises

Oh please, I grew up here and I remember that that area was farm land and yes it may of flooded but you expect that living next to a river/stream. I wish that those people who have not grown up here to just keep quite and quit wasting the city and states money.

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City Hall leaders urge Occupy Lawrence protesters to ‘follow rules’

Will the city get off their rears and uphold the law. I think if they don't do what they should then why not just do what we want. The city leaders are becoming more and more of a joke. Lets not offend anyone and not cause a scene that will make us look bad.

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Closings and cancellations for Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011

KU employees (Maintenance, custodial and cooks) are required to be at work by the start of thier shift or use vacation time while the higher ups get to stay home while they clean the streets and sidewalks for them to get to work on safely.

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31st St. decay

I can say for a fact that the area was indeed farm lan before the they were MAN MADE into the wetlands. The people who come here for a short amount of time instead of the ones who are born and raised here should just shut up and leave this up to the real residents of Lawrence and Douglas Cty. to decide.

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Another city commissioner raises concerns about proposed shelter location as threat of lawsuit looms

What ever happened to the old way of the county work farm send them out to work off their time and grow food for the jail and others. The winter time they can clean the snow from the side walks. The problems were less with this policy. The transients new better to come to Lawrence or they would have to work.

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Homeless shelter director hopes to have new site on East 23rd Street within a year

As a former employee of a Mass. street Bus. I can tell you first hand of the panhandlers and drunks passing out in the store. The young female clerks working and being scared by the comments made by some of these people.
I have heard from others who have been downtown and yelled at for not giving money to them. So as a east Lawrence resident I say NO to the shelter.

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