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Legislature unlikely to change proof-of-citizenship requirement for voter registration

Did you have to show your birth certificate to register to vote?

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City balks at stiffening rules against dogs in public cemeteries

Many cities have dispensers containing plastic bags that are attached to trash cans along with signs reminding pet owners to pick up after their pets. I think there's a fine already in place that could be enforced. Of course, those inconsiderate enough to think they don't need to pick up after their pets probably won't respond to an ordinance.

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Opinion: Just think about Ted Cruz for a minute


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Kansas unemployment rate increases for third straight month

Voo Doo economics

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Letter: Downtown nostalgia

I never need to shop at WalMart.

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Topeka Zoo to host Lawrence Day

Would you rather pay money to read the online edition?

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City approves 2014 budget

Actually, it looks like sewers and streets and western expansion

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