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Lone-star letdown: Offense disappoints in KU's 23-14 loss to Rice

Coach Weiss needs to show the offense he means business. Receivers continue to drop balls and they should sit out the rest of the game. The dropped ball near the end of the game that could have been a touchdown should not be tolerated.
If KU has to play the kickers as receivers, or move the running backs to receiver positions on different plays, do it.
I also don't have confidence in the quarterbacks, they need to be more accurate and make more adjustments when the line can't hold position.
KU has potential and the talent but it is not showing!

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Editorial: Dangerous fork

The Syrian conflict requires UN intervention, not US intervention. If this is a violation of world security and the UN does not require equal participation from other countries, the US must wait this one out until the world sees what the US is talking about.
We can't always be the ones risking our lives, national security, and finances, while other countries sit back and do nothing.
Obama has a good heart and mind regarding why we must intervene, but the US won't stop this conflict with bombing or a full scale attack. Syria must settle it on their own and if they don't like their leader and way of life then they must change it, and America should let it happen.

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City to consider limiting dogs in public cemeteries

That would be all I need is to leave my family unexpectedly and wishing I could still be with them, then a dog comes by and drops a load on my face for me to stare at for the next three months!

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Simons' Saturday Column: Obama’s decision on war important and complex

This is a good time to force the UN to require countries to join together and engage in this conflict. If the UN won't do that then the US must stay out of the conflict.
I am opposed to the use of gas on innocent people and agree with the President that this type of activity must be stopped. I am also opposed to America going at it alone. We must have other countries support, financially and physically, in order to show the world's dislike for this behavior.
America can't save the world and in this case it may be best to let the conflict continue to show its ugly hand until the world says this is enough.

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Simons' Saturday Column: Obama’s decision on war important and complex

The Syrian conflict is a difficult choice for America and we need to think carefully about getting into another conflict. We may think this is a bomb a few times and our job is done, but in past conflicts America had to spend money to rebuild that country.
Since a majority of the UN chooses not to intervene America should do the same. What sense does it make to get involved in a civil conflict and a few years later the country does not want to be our friend?
America has many problems at home and money spent in this conflict could be spent helping Americans at home.
Unless there is serious risk to Homeland Security - America should sit this one out!

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City of Lawrence to consider running events expected to bring thousands downtown

Good idea by city to insure funding for sanitation and safety are supported by the event. The police officers and sanitation crews time for these events should not be a financial burden to the taxpayer.

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CVS stores requiring ID to buy nail polish remover in effort to combat meth

The Lawrence police will be targeting all pink cars carrying nail polish and mascara in the new armored car. Mary K salespeople beware!

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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

A used bank truck could have been bought instead, the VanGo students could have done the paint job and the run flat tires could have been bought from the recycling center. The cost savings could have been 100k and went to the police fund or tickets to the KU BBall games.

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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

Why not a armored mini-cooper they can hold up to 20 cops?

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Police break string of high-dollar burglaries, continue to investigate

A new central police station may not meet the needs of a growing Lawrence. Currently, the LPD has two locations. Repair/upgrades to the existing ones and a smaller new one in another location will provide regional support, similar to precincts in larger metropolitan areas.

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