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Obama wins presidency

What IS the matter with Kansas anyway?

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Obama wins presidency

This is the begining of a new era.... I'm so excited for America

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How do you think the presidential race will play out?

Obama 306 McCain 232Obama (306): California (55), Colorado (9), Connecticut (7), Delaware (3), District of Columbia (3), Hawaii (4), Illinois (21), Iowa (7), Maine (4), Maryland (10), Massachusetts (12), Michigan (17), Minnesota (10), Nevada (5), New Hampshire (4), New Jersey (15), New Mexico (5), New York (31), North Carolina (15), Oregon (7), Pennsylvania (21), Rhode Island (4), Vermont (3), Virginia (13), Washington (11), Wisconsin (10)McCain (232): Alabama (9), Alaska (3), Arizona (10), Arkansas (6), Florida (27), Georgia (15), Idaho (4), Indiana (11), Kansas (6), Kentucky (8), Louisiana (9), Mississippi (6), Missouri (11), Montana (3), Nebraska (5), North Dakota (3), Ohio (20), Oklahoma (7), South Carolina (8), South Dakota (3), Tennessee (11), Texas (34), Utah (5), West Virginia (5), Wyoming (3)STATES THAT WILL SWITCH FROM 2004From Democrat to Republican - NoneFrom Republican to Democrat - Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Virginia

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Jordan ad cites story unrelated to election

GOP allowed the financial crisis to occur with their "less government" agenda and now try to blame Democrats for putting out the fire?That's like blaming fire fighters for using too much water?

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KC crowd welcomes Obama

I went. It was awesome. Stood in line for hours. We walked all the way around Liberty Memorial and there seemed to be no end to the line. The diversity of people who came out to watch Sen. Obama was absolutely amazing. Families, students, vets, plumbers, black, white, asian, hispanic, christians, muslim, buddhists... This campaign really is about bringing people together.Early voting starts Monday.

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Joe the Plumber goes with the flow

I can't believe anyone would try to smear a plumber on experience. Joe the Plumber is the most honest and effective plumbers I've ever called on. He's upfront about costs. He's honest about what really needs to be fixed. He's not pushy. And he wears a belt.

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Who won the vice presidential debate?

better to be a winner than a tuna who can't spell

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President could use his credibility now

GOP wolves see the fabble as a success story!If you keep feeding people lies and fear, they'll eventually believe it.

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Kansans reminded of law on what not to wear at polls

I wonder if a "Muck FcCain" shirt is permissible

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McCain, Obama argue over war, taxes in first debate

Good debate. - McCain looked very comfortable and sold his experience well. Not sure if the debate went past his bed time though because he started fading at the end there. Should have just said "not on my watch" on the Sept. 11th question.- Obama could use a little more polish. Not as crisp on the delivery. Kinda talked too much at times. Should have just said boldly he'd "have direct talks with Iran without preconditions" and cite the five recent Secretary of States who favored it Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, Warren Christopher, James Baker and Henry KissingerLooking forward to the VP debates. Biden's going to eat Palin alive.

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