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Iwig dairy files for bankruptcy, plans to keep retail stores open for reorganization

1. Drive up window
2. Loyalty card (buy12 get one free)
3. Delivery subscription service

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Parents, teachers voice concerns regarding standards-based grading

please watch this video on the education paradigms of our century.

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The Occupy Lawrence Protest


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Zombie Walk

Downtown for dinner
last night when zombies walked by.
Lets keep Lawrence weird.

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How did you hear about Sept. 11? What do you remember from that day?

I was serving on active duty stationed at Fort Carson. Prior to 9/11, we were a peace time Army trained and eager to deploy somewhere, anywhere. We were all playing flicker ball that morning with the battalion commander when our staff duty officer came to report that the world trade center had been attacked. We all scrambled from the playing field, threw on our battle rattle, and went to serve our nation. We never did finish that flicker ball game.

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Town Talk: Downtown roundtable event planned for Monday, questions sought for downtown leaders

Any plans for the vacant Borders Building? Can we get a grocery store? Trader Joes would be nice. Checkers would work as well.

Can we get some bike paths or sidewalks big enough for strollers?

Why can't we close Mass for pedestrian only traffic (like Boulder)?

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Downtown debate

Schumm and Amyx are self interested blockers! We should close downtown traffic more often if not permanently.

Downtown Boulder has a thriving downtown that is pedestrian friendly complete with street performers and startup cart businesses everywhere. And the kids love it.

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Blast from the past: Tyrel Reed’s prep career filled with fond memories, admiration

Vote for Tyrel!

He's currently leading with 36.1% of the vote. Voting will continue until March 20th.

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City officials consider expanding parking garage planned at Lawrence Public Library

Parking lots can be dead space. this project would have positive ROI if we find creative ways to use it. This NYTimes article talks about putting solar panels on parking lots as a way to save on energy cost.

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