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Legislature makes no progress; Brownback leaves state to tout tax cuts

Koch Fertilizer, LLC announced that it will build a $1 billion dollar fertilizer plant in Oklahoma. It is expected to create 500 to 800 construction jobs for over two years and 30 to 50 employees to operate the plant.

Since this company is organized as an LLC, any owners of this plant that live in Kansas will not have to pay Kansas income tax on the companies profits. Looks like Brownbacks new tax law, to not tax LLC, needs to be amended to require these types of businesses to at least be located in Kansas.

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Revenue secretary says tax cuts are working

The article stated that Nick Jordan said the state collected more in income taxes this year because Kansans were able to keep more in their pockets, contributing to economic growth that is offsetting the effect of "lower tax rates".

What lower tax rates? The Kansas tax rates for 2012 and 2011 are exactly the same. The lower tax rates do not take effect until next year. NIck Jordan should know better, since he is the Secretary of the Kansas Department of Revenue.

If Kansas collected more in state income taxes this April over April 2012 it is most likely because of the general improvement in the economy and has nothing to do with any scheduled cuts in Kansas income tax rates.

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Revenue secretary says tax cuts are working

Sen. Tom Holland is not wrong. It is Nick Jordan who is wrong. (See below)

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Opinion: Lawrence unfriendly to new business? You bet!

I am trying to follow your logic. In one place you think the city should step out of the way when it comes to new businesses coming to Lawrence and in another example, concerning apartments, you seem to imply that the city should do more to stop new apartments from being built in Lawrence. Is it OK to have "empty shells" in retail stores, but not OK to have "empty shells" in rental housing?

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Gun bills easily approved

You might want to think again about how free you are with Gov. Brownback and the current legislature. They just signed off on taking over the KTA. They are still working on allowing out-of-state corporate farms. Say goodbye to family farms in Kansas

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Gun bills easily approved

I don't need you to fight for me. Nor did I ask for Timothy McVeigh or Terry Nichols to fight for me.

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Gun bills easily approved

Since federal agents can't operate in Kansas, it looks like terrorists will get a free pass. Kansas will now be the capital of the US for terrorists.

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For some Lawrence voters, 2005 bond issue still casts cloud of suspicion

The part of amount of money spent on the football field and other sports facilities that bothers me the most is "the rest was financed through lease-purchase agreements" These lease payments are being paid out of the Capital Outlay Fund. This means that taxes will need to be assessed for years to come to pay for these facilities. This money could have used to pay for school building improvements.

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Local schools, governments, health providers bracing for "fiscal cliff"

The T is a government service just like the roads and streets the city builds for cars. Are you suggesting that all the city roads and streets be toll roads so they could operate at a profit?

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Sound Off: What is the latest cost estimate for the Statehouse project?

All of this is done with borrowed money. At the same time the City of Lawrence and the Lawrence School District are gearing up to increase their deficit spending by $200 million or more. And we think the federal government is the only one to have deficit spending.

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