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Roads finally cleared of snow

As for how the snowplows go around the round-abouts, very slowly and carefully. We drove thru the round-abouts on North Kasold Sunday afternoon, they looked like they hadn't been plowed yet, but I know for a fact they were plowed Saturday afternoon. If the roads don't get a lot of traffic then they are still going to look unplowed. But if you realize how much snow had fallen/blown in the area you would say to yourself, "Maybe they did go down my street". Quit your whining and be thankful they worked on Christmas Eve & Day.

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Roads finally cleared of snow

Brewmaster: How do you think the families of these workers felt having to spend Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day without their spouses, children or parents? Talk about no compassion for your fellow man. Thinking only of yourself, where is the holiday spirit in that? These workers gave up their family time to make sure that others could get home from work and to family gatherings.

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Fire Medical leader receives credentials

Way to go, Bill. What an accomplishment for you.

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Man convicted in Lawrence firefighter's death released from prison

David planned and intended to kill his parents, Mark just happened to be doing his job, which by the way he was very good at. In my personal opinion, David never should have been moved to a work-release facility. He may do this again, if he should ever get angry about something as minute as not being able to take a break at work when he wants to. Wichita residents: BEWARE!!!!!

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Do you drink much soda?

No, I do not drink too much soda pop, according to me. I would hook up an IV of Diet Dr Pepper if I could. It keeps me going through the day.

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Douglas County won't get any federal stimulus funds for road construction

From the information that I have read and been told, it was pretty much a reconstruct. Moving 50 ft to the north for the turnpike to expand and then cutting down the two big hills. They have already moved the majority of the utilities and fence lines. Just another waste of taxpayer's money if the county just sits on this one. If they do not proceed with this project, I would certainly hope that they do not freeze merit increases for county employees.

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No recognition

The city hosts an employee recognition ceremony in November. It is at this even that all retirees for the past year are acknowledged. Mrs. Grant should know this since her husband should have been recognized for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and possibly even 30 years of service. If she is unaware of this event, then there is a lack of communication between her and the family.

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Have you received your Kansas state tax refund yet?

I agree, blue73harley. We always have to pay the state due to KPERS being taxed by the state, but not the feds.

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No recognition

If memory serves me correctly, the city has an employee appreciation night every April. It is here that the city administrators recognize employees that have retired and worked for the city for 5 or more years in different intervals. You may want to look into that Mrs. Grant.

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