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Longtime owner of East Lawrence's Sunrise Garden Center places business and property up for sale

Sunrise Garden Center will be missed, if the new owners choose a different line of business. The management staff has always been wonderful. I worked for Greg shortly after he purchased Sunrise and he did an awesome job!!! I have always wished that I could have stayed and worked with such a team!!! I wish him the best in his future endeavors!!! It was a pleasure working with you!!! Good luck to all of the staff as well.

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City Commission to consider giving Lawrence's city manager $10,000 raise

In my opinion, I know all the cliché's will fly, but I think the City Manager as well as all City Management should receive the same pay raise as the workers that are "topped out", which he should be for his length of service, which was $250.00 before KPERS, taxes and other deductions. Just saying, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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Lecompton elects council members

IMO, (and we all have one) every person deserves to be treated with respect, whether or not an elected public official or not. These two council members were not treated with any type of respect at that meeting. I do not expect everyone to be happy with my opinion, but I should not be treated any different than these people would treat other members of the community. Their behavior was inexcusable and I am disgusted to admit that I live in the city of Lecompton.

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Lecompton elects council members

You forgot to mention they resigned also due to their treatment by some of the residents of the City of Lecompton and of Douglas County as well. Make sure to post all facts for the resignations in all of your stories concerning this matter. Not all City Council Members treated the 2 members unfairly, just one in particular. The City of Lecompton has lost 2 community members that were looking out for the welfare of the city. The building in question is costing and will cost the city 100's of thousand of dollars as long as it sits empty. The city of Lecompton is dying and I do not see it recovering anytime in the future. We need a council that sees the big picture and not just one building.

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Judge acquits man accused of shooting Bullet the cat

What did this man ever do to you to deserve a comment like this? Evidently, the witnesses were not reliable or there was not enough evidence. This case should never have gone to trial; there was insufficient evidence in the first place. The DA just prosecuted because of the nature of the crime, animal cruelty. I will put money on the fact it was probably the witnesses that committed the crime in the first place.

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Judge acquits man accused of shooting Bullet the cat

Well, observant, I do not consider you a human being. Did you ever think that a family member of this man might be reading the comments? Obviously not, or else you have thought about that before posting your comment.

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Judge acquits man accused of shooting Bullet the cat

Do you happen to personally know this man and any member of his family? If not, then mayber you should think about that maybe his family might be reading the article and the comments.

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Sheriff's officers searching for Lecompton burglary suspects

I know all about Lecompton, I live there!!! They need to check out the usual suspects!!

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Sheriff's officers searching for Lecompton burglary suspects

I wonder if they have already check out the usual suspects????

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Officers searching vehicle just east of downtown

Fixed_Asset: That is a racist comment!!!!

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