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Lawrence man cited for driving too fast for conditions after rollover accident at 23rd Street and Kasold

However, if you're related to the boss you can't get away from hearing about it.

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New section on celebrates Kansas' sesquicentennial

Hey look! Something big happened 67 days ago! If only there were a way the LJW could have seen it coming...

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Wind industry could take toll on Kansas highways

"In 2006, the number of these extremely heavy loads was less than a 1,000."

"More than a 1,000 of those permits were for overweight trucks carrying wind tower components."

A 1,000? Really??

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Knowing God

Let's look into another set of Christ's opinions.
John 5:31 If I testify about myself, my testimony is not valid.
John 8:14 Even if I testify on my own behalf, my testimony is valid.

...and a few more Biblical thoughts:
Genesis 32:30 So Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, “It is because I saw God face to face, and my life was preserved.”
Exodus 33:11 The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with his friend.
John 1:18 No one has ever seen God.

Leviticus 20:9 If anyone curses his father or mother, he must be put to death.

Exodus 35:2 For six days, work is to be done, but the seventh day shall be your holy day, a Sabbath of rest to the LORD. Whoever does any work on it must be put to death.

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Town Talk: Speculation on Trader Joe's, Barnes & Noble and others for Borders; city to discuss environmental regulations, land use plan for area around airport

Hmmm... (actually reads article) "One piece of information I don’t have, and that this agent didn’t have either, is how much time is left on Borders’ lease. An out-of-state real estate group owns the property[...]." Nope. Next question?

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Douglas County Commissioners approve 10 new vehicle purchases

As opposed to not purchasing new ones, and having the old ones sit in the parking lot when they can't handle the weather? Or as opposed to not purchasing new ones, and having the old ones sit in the parking lot awaiting the higher maintenance costs and more time out of service a heavily used police vehicle would need?

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First Bell: Ideas for avoiding snow-induced cabin fever; Lawrence eludes another snow day; method for making up lost time to be settled Monday

When you bought your plane tickets, was it before you'd ever spent a winter in a cold climate? Snow days are not uncommon, nor is the addition of days at the end of the year. If you were truly concerned about your children being in school every possible moment, buying tickets for the date you did may not have been the best idea. However, speaking as someone who's been in education most of my life, it's doubtful that your children would miss anything incredibly academically important on a final, extended day.

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Reserves good, but Morris twins key for KU basketball — again

Agreed. Despite their impressive play 95% of the time, both Morris brothers seem to have become cheap shot artists. It reflects poorly on Self that Markieff returned to the game.

Speaking of standards, it also reflects poorly on the Journal-World that the incident was not even mentioned in the article.

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Lawrence City Commission approves Farmers Turnpike rezoning east of Lecompton interchange

If you take 23rd/Clinton all the way to its western end, the highway you'll find is K-10. Take that a few miles north and you'll be at the K-10/Turnpike interchange and the water tower hail mentioned.

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Area school districts cancel Wednesday classes

...or nearly 16 hours? Hey LJW, I get that you want it on the front page. It's probably a good idea. Past 9 or 10am, though, it's time to find another term instead of 'breaking' unless you have significant updates.

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