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Missouri lawmaker's vow: No Jayhawk license tags on his watch

"A fascinating study of hatred." I wonder how many supporters of this idea would approve of a Kansas tag with Truman the Tiger.

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Town Talk: BBQ supply store opens in West Lawrence; city looking for ways to increase helmet usage at skate parks; governor and Leadership Kansas members to have Lawrence gala on Friday

Easy helmet solution: first offense is not a negative run-in with an officer, as it's a warning and a free helmet just like now. Second offense is when you look into a fine or community service or something.

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KU spirit squad, band members help save trapped man before NCAA women's tournament game

...which is why it's a little strange that (at least as I write this) the picture on the LJW home page and for this article shows only the cheer squad. Not only that, but it shows 15 female cheer squad members and 7 males, with six more males not even having their heads visible. Looks like most of us read the article, but the picture isn't even likely representative of the cheer squad members who helped.

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Town Talk: Architects, fundraisers make pitch to build new rec center for city; prospects for compromise on tennis lights brightening; beauty supply store set to open on 23rd Street

How often do _you_ offer to work extensive hours on a project, rather than doing paying work, for free? I'm not saying they have any reason to charge an excessive amount, but your proposal's a little ridiculous, if you think about it.

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Sears to close Lawrence store

The merger was finalized a LONG time ago, Merrill.

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Sears to close Lawrence store

...if you can find anything worth buying. Good luck.

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Town Talk: Confirmation on Shawnee Mission Kia plans to open in Lawrence; food trucks may go into high gear in Lawrence; some numbers about the Big 12 Conference

Lowe's will build a 5-story store on Mass before the Arizona schools would think about joining the Big Maybe-9. With the PAC-12's new media deals, they're set to make more than any SEC 'school' gets. Leaving that to join a conference that will still fall apart before the dust settles would be monumentally idiotic.

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Three Kansas Army reservists die in Afghanistan helicopter shootdown

Is there a reason Spc. Spencer Duncan is treated as an afterthought?

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Send child athletes outside with protective eyewear

You're going to get into your car later today, turn off the air bags, and leave your seat belt off, right? Maybe go shopping for a Pinto or Corvair? You know, safety's so over-rated.

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