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Former KU student arrested for botched armed robbery; second suspect in hospital with gunshot wound

Okay, everyone. Let me begin this comment by saying that I have known the named suspect for years now and he does not fit the qualifications of any of the accusations being thrown by other users. He comes from a family that is well off, but they're kind people. Alex was going through a very rough time in his life, and unfortunately, it manifested in a very negative fashion. He is not associated with KU athletics, nor is he the product of a wealthy lifestyle. For years, he has consistently held one, if not multiple, jobs to earn his keep, as well as doing freelance work on the side. While his actions are completely in the wrong, I know there are some underlying psychological struggles which caused his actions. I hate to admit it, but desperate circumstances can sometimes lead to even more desperate actions. I think it would be best to investigate the reason for his actions in order to better understand this unfortunate event and decide which route to take.

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