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Kansas Senate’s budget committee chairman filed for bankruptcy in 2010

"Who better to lead out of the forest than somebody who has seen a lot of the pitfalls?” he said.

Perhaps someone who has seen and *avoided* the pitfalls?

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Left fails to grasp Obama victory

True, your claim "working class people get most of the benefits while doing the least work" is, on its face, valueless.

On the other hand, it's profoundly stupid.

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The American dream is fading

"If I vote for gay marriage, it means that I approve of that lifestyle which I do not."

Nonsense. I don't approve of anti-gay bigotry, but certainly you should have the right to express it.

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The American dream is fading

"I know (from previous posts) that you believe gay marriage and/or relationships should be acceptable behaviors in our society. I do not agree with your belief. Putting that aside, how can you say that gay couples probably make better parents than heterosexual couples? Seems to me a gay couple faces many challenges from society in general and these may be foisted upon their offspring."

So the justification for bigotry is that the objects of bigotry will encounter bigotry in the world? The concern rings a little hollow and self-serving.

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Tea Party Critics Don't Get It

"... recognize that claims that humans can control the temperature of the air isn't believable."

Indeed. That is why I removed the thermostat from my wall about 4 months ago.

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KU declines to release details of Mangino's settlement agreement for now, says deal is not finalized

Pilgrim2 (Anonymous) says…

Just knew the gym class flunkies would show up on this. The problem with your elitist view, rip, is that college athletics actually benefit the ***entire*** university community. I've posted the studies before. Do I need to do it again?


Yes, please post those again.

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Statehouse Live: GOP legislator blasts Obama while wearing hat that says "OPOSSUM the other Dark Meat"

Bill Otto is an idiot, but luckily he's so inept that he's harmless in the legislature, because he can't manage to write a bill that's coherent enough to get co-sponsors or through committee.

Witness his legislation, introduced in the 2007 session, that would place a special tax on 'non-residents'. When contacted for clarification on who this would impact, Otto managed to provide two conflicting explanations within the same response.

His campaign mailings are high comedy, though. I think it's safe to say that the sentence fragment on his hat is about as close as he can get to conforming to standard grammatical rules.

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K-State in dickens of a mess


In case you didn't catch it, you may be interested in a recent CBO report on the tax-exempt status of big-time college athletics:

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KU's Lew Perkins in line for extra $750,000 in retention bonus


One additional thing: according to a Kansan article published in February (, the fee is set to expire in 2011. Moreover, the article states that:

"Although the $6 million boathouse is complete, the $15 per semester student fee will not expire until the fall of 2011. The fee is reimbursing the Athletics Department for the expense."

Your statement that the student's $750,000 annual contribution is a 'small component of the $63 million listed' may be accurate (depending on your view of 'small'), but it amounts nearly 10% when taken in aggregate.

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KU's Lew Perkins in line for extra $750,000 in retention bonus


Thanks for your response and clarification. Can I assume that you'll be updating the text of the article to incorporate your clarifications on the web version (since they are buried ~ 25 comments deep), and issuing a correction or clarification in the print version?

Once again, thanks.

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