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KU business school positions itself to maintain strong MBA program

Personally I'm not convinced this sounds like a good overhaul to the program. Though an accelerated MBA program will allow students to enter the job market sooner, what value is the program if the students can't find jobs? Why is there no talk of placing higher standards on GMAT scores or pre-MBA work experience requirements? What about working with more employers for job placements? Everyone is aware of the placement issues the program has had in the past.

It is unfortunate the program is not taking any steps to become more competitive on a national level. However, it is clear the KU MBA program can barely compete with even most other Big 12 counterparts. What will make an employer hire a KU MBA graduate? It is most likely not the merits of the program itself. Perhaps the program should focus more on quality than quantity. Bring in quality students with quality work experience, employers will take you more seriously and have more interest in recruiting for the program, which should help to fix the lagging placement rates. Personally I don't think a new building or transforming the MBA into an accelerated degree will solve the long-term problems of the KU MBA program.

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