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KU's next move must be bold one

How about a bold move in a direction that doesnt involve wasting millions of dollars on football.

The only memorable football event in the last 15 years was when an enraged KU football player became wedged in the drive through window at Taco Bell when he was pursuing a chalupa. A football player with his big butt hanging out that window is about as interesting and newsworthy as KU football gets.

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Missouri's T.J. Moe wants Border War to continue

I dont suppose he really knows anything about the raid that resulted in the massacre of civilians or he would not be celebrating the event by displaying a flag. Just call him Moe as in moron.

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First Fam, now MU: KU looking at void

The number of tickets reportedly sold to KU fans does not suggest that this rivalry is really all that important to Jayhawk nation. The number of student tickets sold is just shockingly small.

I dont doubt that the rivalry is a very big deal to some of the people posting here, but the number of tickets sold suggest that it is not really that big of a deal to many people.

Sure, KU sucks worse than normal this year but if the rivalry really had widespread significance then people would be going anyway. As reported by the JW there has been a continual decline in ticket sales since the game launched at Arrrowhead.

MU will play KU again whenever the administrators running the show calculate that it is to their financial advantage, the opinion of fans, coaches and players really just doesnt enter into the equation.

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As distractions swirl, KU football prepares for MU

Big time college football is all about the money. Regional rivalries are devalued in the present system. Can anyone here honestly blame MU for leaving the imploding Big 12? I think KU would have done the same thing if they had the opportunity. Does anyone think that the chancellor, AD and provost of KU are less motivated by greed than their MU counterparts?

The fans of all former Big 12 teams should be dismayed by what has happened to the conference.

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Turner Gill’s focus on MU, not on his future

Whether the KU-MU rivalry continues will be solely determined on whether or not the administrative parasites believe it will be profitable.

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Kansas football rebounding again

The Big 12 doesnt make any sense anymore anyway, and as soon as Texas, OU and OSU wise up and realign the Big 12 wont be making any money either.

How many millions have been spent on the KU football program in the last decade? You think that makes any sense? The KU football program is a never ending money pit.

Does anyone really think that spending millions of dollars more on the KU football team for 5 or 10 more years will elevate the team to a point to pay off the money thrown away so far???

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Kansas football rebounding again

Hiring a multimillion dollar coach and expecting the KU football program to turn around makes about as much sense as hiring Richard Petty to drive your grandad's 95 Oldsmobile and expecting to do well in NASCAR next year.

KU really needs to drop down to a lower division for football. It just doesnt make any economic sense to pretend they can play at the highest level.

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Though KU football future uncertain, players deserve support in finale

Despite the headline, there is nothing uncertain about KU football. The future is a third rate team in a second tier conference playing and losing in a near empty stadium.

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Author sheds light on Penn State case

Mike McQueary did not do enough for a 26 year old man. He should have seen to the safety of the child that was being raped and gone straight to the police.

I mean seriously wtf, the man is a coward and should be ashamed to be seen in public. How can an adult not be enraged when encountering a child being raped? McQueary just makes me sick to my stomach every time I see his oafish mug on TV. The man has no shame or he would be hiding somewhere.

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KU football players stand up for coach

Well the big 12 is getting worse, so really all KU has to do is stay the same and it will seem like they are getting better. How hard can that be??

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