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Survey shows Lawrence crime rate higher than average in several categories

I'm somewhat repeating what a few other people have said, but this isn't too hard to figure out:

1) A higher concentration of young people mean a higher concentration of particular types of crime, especially violent crime...

2) It is entirely possible that crime rates will be higher when you have a strong police force that is doing its job well. The crime rate of is actually the rate of crime reporting, not actual crime occurrence...if all you want is for your official crime rate to be low, tell the police to arrest less people and ignore a strong portion of crimes.

3) While the crime rate might work as a public justification of increasing the number of officers and amount of money spent on police, in my opinion having more cops is just as likely to raise the crime rate as lower it. Why? You will have more cops in more places to catch more people doing what they are already doing that would not have been caught (and hence not a statistic) otherwise. People really need to realize that crime statistics do not directly represent the actual amount of crime being committed.

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When it comes to purchasing music, do you still buy CDs?

Wow, 51%? I'm a bit surprised...with 1 or 2 exceptions, I don't think I've bought CDs in 11-12 years...

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East meets Midwest: Lawrence convenience store evolves into Indian grocer

This store is absolutely awesome. I'd recommend the frozen Indian dinners and 'hot pocket' style dinners to anyone. They are great.

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Lawrence city commission approves late-night food cart in downtown

I wonder if Doug and the LJW realized how much positive free press they just gave Last Stop in the last two days. Now instead of it just being some cart that is suddenly on the street, there is enthusiasm for this as a sustained idea. Being a street food vendor lover, I find this fantastically awesome.

Good job "dead before it begins" LJW on promoting something you are transparent opposed to (or whatever initial bias phrasing you had on yesterday's article).

I also love how narrow-minded a few business owners are. Done properly, Mass street after midnight could become a robust venue for food, with a variety of affordable options developing over time that would both keep more people on Mass to eat after the bars and attract people to downtown who otherwise would not be going there. Sure, a hot dog and burger cart can't do this, but hopefully a few street vendors offering unique possibilities to the community (BBQ, thai, desserts) will emerge if this took on as an idea....that could attract an entirely new base of people who don't put drinking or music first.

If a late-night food culture was allow to flourish on Mass, traditional vendors would be in a position to gain customers, not lose them, provided what they offer is actually worth buying.

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Anna Undercover: What Do You Mean-- "Taxes"?!

just because i'm promiscuous, this doesn't mean I'm easy =P

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Anna Undercover: What Do You Mean-- "Taxes"?!

griping about it is okay, big taxes and payments stink.

It is when people act like they are being treated unfairly when they knew it was coming that bothers me. I'll gripe about school debt alot...what crosses the line is when people act likely they are treated unjustly for having to pay debt back (well, the nonsense of adding on an expensive useless middle man to the federal loan program in the Bush era wasn't exactly a choice of those attending I might gripe a bit about unfair treatment =P).

While people make choices psychologically and not rationally and therefore shouldn't be completely judged for outcomes, consequences for actions do not equal getting screwed over by the government (or banks, or your boss, etc.)

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Anna Undercover: What Do You Mean-- "Taxes"?!

I appreciate your interest and admiration. I also to hope to be more constructive with criticism instead of just being an indiscriminate hammer dropper.

Do realize I don't plan on becoming your free 'at any moment you want' writing editor. Or a scheduled one. No one gets that entitlement on my time.

I feel that somewhere there was a mis-communication where your level of expectation has become greater than the level of support I was offering. I'm interested in broader support and trying to communicate ways to think about the purpose and content of your writing. Intensive textual reviews won't be possible. If I pretended to be interested in doing such, this would only lead to eventual disappointment on your part when I was continually unavailable to you or didn't follow through with much of anything you directly asked. Intensive time commitments to writing must be given to the things I actually write.

Here is my schedule. When I feel like it and it is convenient for me, I'll consider helping you with your writing. I'm not just being snarky for kicks here. If I told you of any other arrangement, I would be lying.

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Tea party supporters rally for lower taxes, smaller government

They are ideologues that don't actually care about the facts or have principles.

You could say the same about the masses of democrats that treated the Patriotic Act as the end of democracy and treated the war like the atrocity it is...and now conveniently look the other way when their guy keeps these going. I know I do.

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Tea party supporters rally for lower taxes, smaller government

Taxes are lower under Obama than Reagan. As part of the stimulus, 25 different taxes cuts aimed at 95% of American families and individuals happened in 2010, to all but the uppermost classes. With the exception of the richest, individual taxes under Obama are lower than at any time under Bush.

I actually think this is a mistake given the deficit (how can you cut taxes so widely when America owes so much?), but if you are going to cut taxes like Obama did, at least cut them broadly to the middle and working classes so they can have a widespread and capillary economic impact.

I know empirical facts have no meaning to tea party folks, but I find it hilarious that they have such a protracted and angry reaction to mythology woven whole cloth out of their own fact-free dogma. Fantasy thinking idiots.

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Anna Undercover: What Do You Mean-- "Taxes"?!

I want to clarify one thing too:

When I wrote:

"Do you realize that these aren’t the only stereotypes? Far more damning stereotypes to me are the ones that argue that strippers are shallow, vacuous, self-absorbed, naïve idiotic self-important drama queens with no common sense who are out of touch with reality. Why do you reinforce these with your writings?"

I did not mention that this is not how you come across in real life. Yes you are self-important and have a spotty relationship with realism (as do I =P), but the other false stereotypical stripper traits I mentioned largely don't fit you. What I didn't articulate is that I get frustrated that your writings come off this way to a much stronger degree compared to your real fundamental character. While I'm very honest about some of the flaws I think you have (as I am very honest about my own multitude of flaws), it pains me that I see your some elements of your writing doing the exact opposite of what you say the purpose of your writing is.

If one of your goals is to counter stripper stereotypes, posts like this aren't doing that. Yes you will have a handful of minions who want to protect/admire you no matter what (in fact they might sadly do so more if you come off as a naive giddy little girl in need of help), but is that what you want?

Ok, in the future I'll stop posting on this and just try to talk with you...or better yet, work on my own projects =)

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