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Letter: Food stamps vital

When it comes to feeding potentially hungry people, I worry less about whether or not a person asking for food assistance is 'deserving' than I do about feeding hungry people (whether through a food pantry or through programs like food stamps).

Think of it this way. Say you run a food pantry and 10 people come to you for food. Of these ten, five of them truly need the help, and five of them are trying to take advantage of you, but you can't say for sure which of the five truly need the help. What is the best thing to do? Feed them all. It is the only way to know for sure that you are doing your job of feeding the hungry. I'd rather feed five people who don't need it than potentially leave empty stomachs to suffer merely because I picked wrong when I tried to decided who 'deserved' to be fed.

I know there are times of the year when food pantries run low, but the problem is getting more food to the pantries that need them, or in the case of food stamps, providing enough resources so that the program can help those it is designed to help. Will some people take advantage and should you try to limit this? Yes. But I'd rather err on the side of feeding hungry people even if a minority of people abuse such a service. This means keeping resources in such programs.

And in my experience with volunteering and working for food pantries, the vast majority of people seem to genuinely need the help. I'd rather feed 80 hungry people and let 20 liars get a few free meals too than deny 20 hungry people by accident to keep those liars honest.

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Rules tighten on TANF recipients

"TANF is a federally funded program that is administered by DCF."

Just wanted to point out that this is a federally funded program and cutting this program won't actually save KS any $.

In addition, if you really want to deal with these issues in cost-effective ways, we'd do everything we can to ensure that women have every opportunity to not get pregnant when they are not in a position to raise kids. Quality sex education, access to birth control for both men and women, the morning after pill, and, as a last resort, access to safe legal abortion (which, while legal in KS, is effectively very difficult to access, especially for women with low resources).

And if your stance is anti-abortion but you promote abstinence-only education and oppose birth control access and oppose the morning after pill, can you explain your position? If you feel abortion is murder, shouldn't you want to do everything to prevent pregnancy in the first place? (And if you feel the morning after pill is the same thing as just a very early term abortion, I weep for our state's need for better science and biology teaching).

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Police seeking suspect in robbery of laptop at Lawrence Visitor Center

There has to be several thousand somewhat older unused laptops in this town (I know I have one)...too bad there isn't an easy way to get a reasonably decent one to the victim...

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Lawrence nurse to become full-time missionary

The LJW comments section does not disappoint....someone dedicating their lives to helping others? Lets gripe about religion, politics and money!

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Plant operators working to control another round of taste and odor problems in city's drinking water

To make the water taste better:

- Put a pitcher of water in the fridge and chill it
- Add ice to it
- Add a little lemon juice, crystal light, or make iced tea, etc.
- Buy a commercial filter (not necessary but an option if it makes you feel better)

I don't think we have to spend $19 million as a community on a 'problem' that can be solved by making water colder before we drink it.

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KU atheist group having conference this month

Keep being grumpy and mistaken, we'll just keep smiling and growing....


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KU atheist group having conference this month

Here is how it isn't an oxymoron: Imagine someone who lacks belief in the supernatural, but is open to hearing or reading about evidence of supernatural phenonemon. Pretty simple.

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Kansas State Board of Education to review new social studies standards

I suggest that if we do a "Celebrate Freedom Week", we should base it around the week of Dec 6. You know, the date that the 13th Amendment was ratified.

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Mind Matters: Adopted beliefs may muddle the authentic self

Bruce Lipton and Don Miguel Ruiz are quacks selling snake oil for the soul, hands down.

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Letter: Masters, servants

Want to make sure I have it straight. The taxi companies are going out of business because they are being out-competed by the bus that (according to you) nobody wants to ride. =D

But seriously folks, well functioning bus systems will have empty buses sometimes such as **at the beginning or end of routes** (you know, the times before and after the majority of passengers have been picked up and dropped off).

This continued "empT" style rhetoric is the somewhat like thinking the world is flat because it looks that way when you look down the street.

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