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Letter: GOP concern

So verity, that's what all these posts are about? They are encouragement for Rea and the new GOP leadership? Would have never known this is what "open to change" looks like. Thanks for the insight.

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Letter: GOP concern

Exactly! If the GOP isn't a good fit for all you moderates and freedom FROM religion folks, register as a Dem. You don't have to pretend any longer. Besides we're on to you lol! Just ask Tim Owens

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Letter: GOP concern

So Liberty, you're Godless faith is okay? But my faith isn't? Thanks for keeping perspective here.

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Letter: GOP concern

Oh Fred, nobody wants to stick their nose in your bedroom. We do want people to keep their bedrooms their business and stop making them everyone else's business.

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County GOP under new leaders

Fred, nobody hates anyone. The bashing on this thread comes from those who hate God and therefore anyone else that professes a faith in Him. The hate is directed toward a person that simply acknowledes publically she is Christian and has stepped up to try and make a difference in our obvious world of intolerance.

Conservatives are sick and tired of tip-toeing around because they do not want to endure the wrath of progressive soociopaths. You want a world where people love and respect each other despite their differing political views, you need to start at the far left and work your way right. We on the right get the first amendment. We are just not willing to allow the double standard to go unchallenged any more! We are here so let's see how accepting Lawrence really is. Can't we all just get along :-)

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County GOP under new leaders

Kansas just elected the most Republicans in history, if I'm not mistaken. So no one fell around here except, let's see, Ann Mah and Kelly Kultala. Its all perspective tomato.

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County GOP under new leaders

The problem Jayhawk, is there are two visions. One vision sees people wanting to build their own futures, they are independent and want government to only provide basic services. The other vision sees government being the provider of everything for everone because people are unwilling to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, it seems you are right, the ideals that represent America today are now proven to be those of dependancy and decay. Or as some refer to as progress. BTW, the verse says; "the PEOPLE" perish not a nation. American exceptionalism, you will be missed.

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County GOP under new leaders

Wrong again! He is a radio guy. why do you guys get things so mixed up???

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County GOP under new leaders

Here's to all you Twinkies and Ding Dongs out there!. Your social injustice gang has yielded another casualty thanks to your brave new fantasy-world trickle up poverty. Guess you showed those evil capitalists! Sorry stoners :-(

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