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Crews dispatched to accident on K-10 westbound


Please let me see the data that supports re-routing traffic unaided through DeSoto and back to K-10! THIS IS A JOKE.

You had heavy traffic routed through a left turn stop sign in DeSoto... so once you got through the back up on the highway you had to have a backup in desoto and then traffic was not slowed so we all could get through.


and unsafe.

It was a one car accident. A clear lane was open for traffic to pass. Instead they had a Park's guy routing traffic off to Desoto WHILE FOUR HP CARS SAT IN THE ROAD WHILE ONE OFFICER TOOK PICTURES.

Wish I would have video taped this.

PLEASE REVIEW THIS PRACTICE. clear the accident quickly, open a lane quickly, make it safe. this is the second time we have had to go on a country route around an accident on our way to lawrence... the other was the fatality of the little boy and the crossover. i get it for a crossover like that where it's fatal, in this case we could clearly see a lane could have been left open....



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Gay couples enter into civil unions

Tomorrow the love of my life and I will have known each other 25 years. Any of you who have been happily married and no affairs in 25 years feel free to comment. What's that deafening silence coming from the Right, second marriage and "mistakes forgiven" crowd?

I don't give a rats ass what its called, the constitution says I should be treated equally. Now give me my tax money back!

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Ex-teacher gets 59 months for sex with student

Too bad the law was just passed this past July, or they could have locked up 3 of the male teachers from my generation who all had affairs with high school girls - with most of the acts occuring in the classroom. One teacher had multiple girls during the same time period. He provided alcohol. He wrote pornographic notes. He slithered around trying to bed other girls. I heard after we graduated they finally got busted. I think their punishment was losing their jobs.
I hope all the papers will find the male teachers preying on female students as exciting as this story and make those front page news also.

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Mother of four battles rare illness

When I got it 15 years ago, I think the statistic was 1 in 300,000. three people from my hometown got it within a year. the other two were men. One is fine. One had a relapse later in life (stressed his body) and spent a year in the hospital (topeka). Me, I have a different autoimmune challenge at present, but live every day the very best I can.

Wonder what causes GBS? I don't believe they yet know. But my docs have always said "no flu shots" and you'll never be asked to give blood again!


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Mother of four battles rare illness

Hey Lynn,

Keep positive thoughts going when you can. I was struck down by Guillian Barre at 27. After six months of physical therapy I was almost back to normal. Then a year later only a few residual affects.

The best thing you can do for your immune system is to think good thoughts and rest alot. I know that's hard with kids. Your mind isn't tired, but your body is.

In my experience, it takes the longest for the eyes to recover. I think it was a long time before I could take a shower without getting water in my eyes.

Most people have no idea what this feels like -- to go from normal to nothing in a short time.

OP KS 42

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Kline chosen as Johnson County district attorney

This race, like the soccer vote, will drive moderate voters to the polls in the next election in Johnson County. It will help drive more Republicans to the Democratic Party. Watch us now turn Kansas all the way Blue.

I feel for the folks in the attorney's office between now and then...but Kline will be rejected by voters in the next election...if not on some technicality before then...

Thanks for doing this and ensuring that the Republicans are going down AGAIN in the next election.

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Morrison wants Kline to hold off on abortion records

Morrison wasn't just handed this office, he was handed a Mandate.

Read my lips:


He'll stop all the stinky stuff Kline was doing and go after criminals. I hope he starts with the real estate people who tried to sell Johnson County taxpayers a piece of land for double the price.

The People Have Spoken and Kansas is No Longer Red -- IT IS PURPLE.

go CATS.

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Watch D.O.G.S. to keep eye on school

Remember those "center for fathering" fundies?... this is one of their programs. It was recently "merged" with the Jonesboro organization. At first I thought the idea was a good one, but after I found out the other motives (think promisekeepers) I withdrew my support. I'll post the link when I find it. Hope the net hasn't been scrubbed for the background info on this organization.

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New manager takes over after problems at Goodwill

Um... someone should check the other goodwill stores in KC because they DO turn down donations and it is well known throughout the community. In Olathe they had a large sign the last time I was there saying what stuff they would NOT take.

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Trailer-toting drivers irked by roundabout

We drive this all the time on our commute from KC to Topeka. Last week we couldn't believe it when we crested the hill and saw the man-made landmark to stupidity right there. Of course roundabouts work -- IN SOME PLACES. This is NOT one of them.

It's sort of funny bad, actually. The city will pay eventually, in lawsuits.

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