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Rosy outlook for Community Theatre move

There IS a small theater group already - EMU. So support it if you do not want to support the large theater. Look up online.

Price check - it's $23 to attend a Topeka Civic production of "Arsnic and Old Lace" (without the dinner - i.e. on a Thursday night).

So anything not taking place downtown is not really part of the Lawrence community? Isn't that sort of exclusionary?

Congratulations from me to the theater folks. And thanks to the supporters. You cannot please everyone. But this move will allow more people to attend, expand on the range of related services that can be provided, and enhance the quality of live theater available in Lawrence. And it is being done with private funding. Well done!

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Firefighter cited for battery after argument

My guess is the prosecutor will use (a)(2). It's a class B person misdomeanor. You intentionally touch someone in a rude, insulting or angry manner.... You can get charged and you will probably lose if you take it to court.

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Firefighter cited for battery after argument

Free speech. Mr. Clouse can speak all he wants - up to and including saying things with which others disagree. Had he merely told the man, "Hey, show some respect. Stand up and take your hat off." there's be no charges or debate. The line is drawn when speech becomes actions - or is inherently dangerous (e.g. Yelling "Fire" in a crowded public place is not protected speech). Of course, a "Please" is always a good tool...but not required.

I stand, take my hat off, cover my heart, sing along and have been known to cry during the playing of the National Anthem. That is my right. But there is no LAW that requires everyone to do it. In fact, there is a law that PROTECTS against requiring it. It's called the 1st Amendment!! A pretty important part of our country's values! Or at least, it used to be.

While I may not like it when the flag or military are disrepected, I LOVE it that I live in a country where even speech I find hateful or reprehensible is protected. As long as even those sorry exercises of the 1st amendment are protected, I know my rights are doing just fine. So God bless these canaries in the cage of freedom. As long as they chirp out their vile songs, I know I am free!

If the day ever comes that it is legal to batter or assault someone for exercising free speech rights (and yes, that includes failure to take off a hat or stand during the playing of the national anthem or the display of a flag), then we can all start planning for the demise of our Republic.

Mr. Clouse, be a mature adult. Step up. Set a good example. Admit you were wrong and should not have touched the other person, especially if you were angry. Take your lumps. Get a diversion if you can. And in the future, remember to always keep your hands off other people!

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Show of respect

I always stand, hat off, hand on heart. Liable to cry too. Sappy patriotic like that. But....

The very REASON I love this country is b/c it was founded upon the right to be different, and stands for the proposition that we do NOT have to all agree. And that includes the protection of those with whom we disagree or who do not conform.

As much as I might dislike your use of free speech (and that includes speech and picketers and failure to show the flag and military respect), as long as that kind of conduct is protected (and tolerated) I know MY freedoms are in good shape. When we, as Americans, start insisting that others approve of or agree with your view points, we are well on our way to losing the very freedom that we say we cherish. Freedom of speech, without resort to disturbing the peace or violence, is a CORE tenent of our nation.

NO ONE has the "right" to make someone take off their hat or stand when the National Anthem is played. Mr. Clouse was out of order at best, and behaved like a thug at worst (if the reports and charges stand). While I may agree with his sentiment 150%, he was wrong in trying to force someone to conform to his value system.

One of the halmarks of a mature adult is to admit when you are wrong. Let's see if that happens.

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Statehouse Live: Parkinson says he signed concealed carry expansion to avoid veto showdowns over other issues

And that would have changed if the gun lobby had gotten its way last session. The actively worked to allow guns on KU campus.

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Statehouse Live: Parkinson says he signed concealed carry expansion to avoid veto showdowns over other issues

Just a question of time before anyone can carry any gun (concealed or open) into any building. That disgruntled parent at a day care who is unhappy with how his ex is handling child custody issues, the jealous boyfriend who visits a classroom to spy on his girl friend, the college student mad about the grade a teacher gave her, and the suicidal teacher who thinks the college passed her over for tenure one too many times .... If the bill that was proposed last year had passed, many of these people would have been legally allowed to carry a concealed weapon, unless every single entrance and exit of the building had security and/or a scanning device present. The gun rights people have a lot of money and arguments lined up, seeking to make sure that every citizen who wants to do so can take a weapon (concealed or open) with them anywhere they want. Like guns, or not, this is your future. Better start practicing your aim now.

Take a look at a few of the bills from just last session, seeking to expand on who and where and when a gun can be carried/used...This should give you an idea of what we will see again next session. Those who do not want to see the law changed to allow more guns to be taken into all kinds of public places, may do well to contact their law makers NOW and often about this issue. It's going to be a hot topic, for sure.

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Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Davis dies one day after retiring

For those of you who did not know this man, show some respect. I did. And a more nobel caring and good person never lived. He will be missed and mourned.

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Lawrence Police Chief Ron Olin announces retirement

I have nothing but high praise for the chief. No one is perfect, and no organization gets it right 100% of the time. For those who think their "rights" have been violated, there are available means of recourse (many law suits have been filed - and won - alleging police misconduct etc.). Chief Olin has done a stellar job, in my opinion, and will be a very hard act to follow.

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Immigration top issue in GOP race for Kansas Secretary of State information on voter ID's state by state. A much litigated issue (and often lost).

Is voter fraud really that rampant in Kansas?

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KU hosts leadership program for women from Egypt, Morocco

is this a full sentence:

When you see people, successful professors, ex-senators, people who have served on Congress, all of them are women and they have families and their families supported them,” said Radwa.

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