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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

I can't wait to see Turner Gill coach at KU...and most of you naysayers eat crow.

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Where is Fox News on THIS story?

I think that Glenn Beck hinted that he would be having this gentleman on his program...and I did hear about it on another program, but they didn't really go into detail. A family member sent this video to me last week, and I was wondering, when/if it would make the news.

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Law enforcement officials find missing Tonganoxie couple

Thank the good Lord, these people have been found alive...a good story for once!

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U.S. belief in global warming is cooling

And, you forgot to mention Mr. Gore's interests are at stake with his company over in England...give me a break!

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Declaring war on Fox News isn’t smart

well, it'd be easier to know a lie when I see it...saying too many to print, just doesn't cut it with me. I don't normally watch Fox news, as I happen to be a John Stossel fan myself, but seeing that he has recently come on board at Fox...I guess I'll be changing...And, the fact that our President doesn't want to include them, also gives me pause to think. But I do want to keep abreast of the "lies" they are spewing, because thus far, I've not seen anyone post them, just that they spew them...huge difference there.

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Declaring war on Fox News isn’t smart

Please do enlighten me as to what are the outright lies that are on Fox?

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Legal argument, common sense cross at court

The key word in the Constitution is "establish"...which means the federal government can't say we will all be Christian, or Jewish, or Muslim or Atheist.... No where in the constitution does it say that you cannot recognize a religion, on the contrary, it gives us the right to religious freedom, wherever we so choose. Does anyone know when the decision will be rendered?

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Proper use?

Yes, of course, there has been improvement (I still would not want to live there)...We have friends that go there every 2 years (to visit relatives) and they are amazed with the changes....My brother-in-law was actually stuck in Hong Kong on 9/11 and was treated very well, (course, I do have a friend that took a picture when he wasn't supposed to and ended up in jail for two days! ha, he got out and all was fine, but he was pretty darn scared!)
I generally do not post, and will probably stop for now, as I enjoy reading all the different points, but rarely feel the need to put my two cents in...I enjoy good conversation where people agree to disagree (don't much care for the name calling & can overlook that, as I realize people are very passionate in their beliefs.)

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Proper use?

Jonas, there is no answering to your "question". It appears to me that you believe I want to change the Chinese Government, I do not, that is up to the Chinese people, should they chose to revamp their country. I just want to make sure that America doesn't end up in a communist state, now or ever.

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Proper use?

Jonas, sorry it didn't post, will try again....
The experiences in which I speak are from Kunming, Peoples Republic of China 1984, 1996 and 2000; 1993 Siberia; 1995 Lima, Peru; 1984 & 85 Hong Kong; 1978-81 Selebi Pikwi, Botswana, Africa; 1977-82 Panama & 1990 Moscow.

Cato writes: I've never met one, I repeat one, citizen of any European or Asian nation who does not wish that he or she could instead prosper under the freedom we have had in America,....I couldn't agree more.

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