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'Everything goes' at biker rally

I also made it home safe and disease free. I will admit that I got just a touch of sunburn on my face and a bruise or two from getting up in the middle of the night to visit my Princess potty from tripping over something in the pop up but loved the weekend with our friends. Proud to say that we met many friendly people that are hard working, non drug using, tax paying Americans like everyone else and enjoy getting together for a fun weekend listening to good music, grilling, lots of laughter and good times! I only wish that the temperature yesterday would not have been so humid! If you don't like to have a fun time with friends then don't go! I imagine for the Vendors and the businesses in just Jefferson county alone are extremely happy with the money they make in just the one weekend which is a great thing for the economy! I conquer that it is some of the best people watching and bike watching that we get to do every year.

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15-year-old girl injured while crossing the street near outdoor swimming pool

I am very sorry your friend got hurt. Although many of the posters on here show no tact I do believe some have. It is a terrible unfortunate event that happened to your friend and it sounds like there are some factors that may have contributed to the fact that this accident happened. The crosswalk and the drop off lane are definitely more safe than stopping in the middle of the street. If as the story states the driver had a green light it is not her fault if she was not exceeding the speedlimit and she honestly may not have seen your friend until your friend ran into the side of her car. I am sure your friend was very excited to meet you at the pool and maybe forgot that she should take some extra precautions in crossing the street. I would like to assume that the young lady driving the car was extremely upset. People assume that it is always the drivers fault when sometimes it is not or it is just an unfortunate accident. I wish your friend the best but I hope their are some lessons that everyone learns from this. One of them to be much more careful and aware of what is around you.

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15-year-old girl injured while crossing the street near outdoor swimming pool

I don't think anyone could have said it better. Wonderful post!

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Baker University triple major is Oxford bound

He has two arms..............he just has one slightly behind his back in the picture. :-)

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Neighbors are upset over plans for more apartments along Clinton Parkway

After reading all the above posts I wonder why no one has mentioned the fact that building this addition creates jobs for many people working in the construction field who like everyone else are trying to support their families when most of us know just like many other jobs construction jobs are not near as numerous as they were five years ago. Yes, it would be nice if there were affordable one bedroom apartments closer to downtown. NO they do not have to have all the fancy fixings but it would be nice if they were up to code. Since this doesn't seem to be an option then I think it is great that Stultz is filling a need that many young professionals are looking for because they don't want to spend an arm and a leg on some fancy apartment with all the amenities one can imagine. I believe most people are always going to find something negative to complain about because that is who they are. Unless you live out in the country in the middle of at least 10 acres we could all find something that we don't like such as traffic, too close to a bar, police sirens, neighbor’s dog, loud kids, dang street light shining in bedroom window, loud parties, grouchy neighbors, etc............... That is what comes with living in town especially a college town. I think it is great that Stultz is providing work for those in construction when times are slow, affordable one bedroom apartments for those on the waiting list, and it sounds like he has made many compromises to try and appease many of you that apparently continually wake up on the wrong side of the bed and live just to be as negative as you can be. For those that complain about the speeders around the round about.....those are just irresponsible drivers that probably drive like that everywhere and unfortunately it will take them hitting a car or pedestrian for them to hopefully straighten up.

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One person killed in rollover accident on U.S. Highway 59, south of Pleasant Grove Hill

I in no terms was speculation or trying to place blame for this accident! I was just in general bringing up my opinion that many accidents not just on 59 but all over and on many different roads could be greatly reduced by everyone of us who is behind the wheel being a good offensive and defensive driver. We have too many distractions whether it is cell phones, radios, kids, animals that run out, pot holes, other drivers that drive crazy and heck even the sun! I feel nothing but horror for the person in this story and in no way would ever attempt to place blame with the information given in this article.

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One person killed in rollover accident on U.S. Highway 59, south of Pleasant Grove Hill

I was wondering that myself............................

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One person killed in rollover accident on U.S. Highway 59, south of Pleasant Grove Hill

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Sheriff's report: Alcohol contributed to Wednesday accident near Douglas County State Fishing Lake

We all make bad decisions but when you make the same bad decisions over and over it is a problem and at some point people have to be held accountable for their acts. Everyone's luck has to eventually run out and most people only hope that a person or persons wake up before anyone is killed. This is definitely the time for everyone involved to wake up and take action and start making better decisions that will lead to healthier lifestyles. There is a time when a woman needs to choose what is best for her and her kids and this young lady is very lucky that everyone is alive and as a friend I hope and pray she gets the courage to take back her life and do what she needs to do.

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Victim’s friends urge driver to ‘man up’ to hit-and-run

I wonder as I read articles and then all the comments that people post sometimes if people really think about what they have typed before they post. If it were your wife, daughter or sister would you still make a comment about them "hanging out in the middle of the road like a deer"? I find it very sad with all of the negative crazy stuff alot of us deal with every day of our own lives that a person chooses to post what they do instead of something with hope or sympathy to most of the time to happens to be a victim of a horrible crime. I truly believe that many would not say and do some of the things they do if they knew it would directly affect their loved ones.......................If you want to post negative comments go to the robbery stories, murderers, child molesters and the true criminals out there not someone for whatever the circumstances was in the exact wrong place at the wrong time and is suffering the consequences of this horribe crime that happened to them.

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