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Town Talk: Dillons seeks permission to park cars in vacant lot for grand opening; pawn shop set to open along South Iowa Street; Busker Fest to return to downtown Lawrence in late August

why should you have to use a card to get the BEST price. The price should be the same for everyone who walks through the door. They are only tracking what you buy, do you really want to be tracked like that! And that store you "haven't" mentioned has great deals, and very friendly employees. Can't say that about those "OTHER" stores that I wouldn't mention!

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Town Talk: Homebuilding numbers down from a year ago; new clothing store opens downtown; Martin Park may get improvements; Fore!, I think

what is going into the Old Chicago building? lots of active there also.

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Section of 'old' Kansas Highway 10 reopens to traffic

Happy things worked out for you, People please pay attention. That Phone call can wait. Save a life. Cable Barriers PLEASE!

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Man delivers daily bread to Douglas County Senior Services

I guess the only fair way of distubuting the bread is for it to be thrown away and let the FREEGAN dig through the trash for it. I would like to think that the people who collect this stuff are honest enough to make sure the people who really need it, get it. I know that is not always the case, but I know Chuck is on the UP and UP!

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100 years ago: Downtown business owner plans to sell out, devote time to chicken-raising

I love reading these little things from yesteryear. They make me SMILE :^) I know the times were hard back then, but it always makes me think how much simpler life was then. Keep them coming!

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One dog dies, another rescued from pond accident on East 1100 Road southwest of Lawrence

how sad :( I didn't think the ice was even thick enough for them to get on in the first place. Sorry for your loss.

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Tips for celebrating holiday season in a more sustainable way

Better yet, why not make a donation to a worthy cause. There would be no waste at all that way.

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Lawrence woman injured in car-deer accident west of town on U.S. Highway 40

it was a false alarm on a chimney fire

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Baldwin City man charged in altercation with bicyclists south of Lawrence

I have also known Scott for years, he is a great guy. I don't know the circumstances of the situation, but I am a cyclist. I have only road on the roads a few times because of the traffic. I ride alone in single file, I have been very close to being hit by a semi who didn't move over. I was on the shoulder and wearing highly visable clothing. I'm sorry to hear about things like this, I'm glad the person who was hit is not seriously hurt. Until Scott's trial, we really shouldn't judge him.

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