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State trying to make sperm donor pay child support

The only person I feel bad for here is the child.

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Lawrence City Commision to review plan to turn Gaslight mobile park into student housing complex

Why student housing? There is still a need for a bigger Homeless shelter but then that would look bad on the city commissioners to have homeless people by businesses. No, better to cater to students. What about a group home facility for people with disabilities that is more accessible to businesses for jobs and such? Why does everything in Lawrence have to be centered around college students? I feel for those people who are being forced to move their homes so the almighty dollar can be made! Shame.

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Are you happy with your wireless Internet speed?

We have Giant Communications out here and I love it! have had it for 5 years and rarely a problem. I even have a magic jack hooked into my laptop and I can be on it and the computer at the same time.

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Tonganoxie grad among 6 killed in Atchison blast

My heart aches for Alicia and the families of this tragedy. May God bless each of you.

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What is Kansas' nastiest summer bug?


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Three suspects arrested in connection with extensive vandalism at Eudora school stadium

They should be held accountable for their decision. This is NOT their property and they took it upon themselves to vandalize it. I have no sympathy for them whether they came from a great home life or not. They were probably taught right from wrong at an early age! Seriously need to make the punishment fit the crime. The school and its insurance will enjoy coming up with the money to repair the property. Besides restitution and some county jail time, I think they should serve community service as well. Maybe go on a speaking circuit to other high schools and tell their story. If it don't belong to you, KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF!

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Robbery reported at Central National Bank on 9th Street in Lawrence

Thank goodness no one was injured! Hope they capture the robber and he is brought to justice.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback defends closure of Lawrence SRS office; local lawmaker says decision wasn't data driven

This just ticks me off. How can he close down yet another business that is so badly needed around here? Newsflash- not everyone can get around to use a computer, not everyone knows HOW to use a computer, people don't have cars or the gas money to get to a more accessible building when this one CLEARLY IS ACCESSIBLE to Douglas county residents, and even more children are going to suffer because people can't get to another building to get help. So heads up Brownback, what businesses are you closing down next? The Missions?

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Police identify boy who drowned at Lone Star Lake

My condolences to the parents and family of this little boy. May God wrap you all in His arms during this time of sorrow and sadness.

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Teen volunteer Bryce Ridgway brightens patients’ lives at Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Awesome way to spend your time young man! Congrats and thank you for helping out!

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