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God’s presence is felt, not proven

"The fool has said in his heart there is no God...." Psalm 14:1.

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Statehouse Live: PETA offers state budget help with anti-fishing sign

Note to PETA: something has to die to support life. Be it an animal or a legume.

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Lawrence man arrested for aggravated battery, child abuse

Child abusers don't fare well in prison.

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Inmate, convicted by Douglas County jury, aims to come clean for crimes

I detect woe in your post. Not all with the surname of Galloway are on KDOC's list of inmates. Some (Pastor Galloway) have had a positive impact on Lawrence KS and the communities in which they live. Have you? Are you? Live above the fray. Don't let the past actions of others (over which you have no control) cause you to give up. It is not hereditary.

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Inmate, convicted by Douglas County jury, aims to come clean for crimes

Devin is the only one that knows why he decided to open wounds that time alone will never heal. He forfeited his freedom accordingly. His victims and family are still suffering.

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14-year-old boy flown to K.C. hospital with critical injuries after being pulled from river

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Rights group: Phosphorus used in attacks

It is war. What do you expect them to use? I did not agree with the cease-fire either. Why give the enemy time to re-arm? You are victorious when the enemy is vanquished. Period.

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Not the same name: Parents opting for unusual monikers for their kids

Names should stand for ones character and all that he or she does. Parents that saddle their posterity with outlandish names have that right. If you are going to give your child an extraordinary name why not Adolf Hitler or Judas Iscariot. At least they became infamous...and stand for something.

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Family lauds New York School teacher's impact on student

I didn't need a male authority figure outside of home because my father lived with his wife and kids and fulfilled his duty and responsibility to the fullest. I attended New York Elementary school and had a male teacher for 6th grade. He made a lasting impression on me. For those unfortunate children that do not a "responsible" male authority figure @ home it is refreshing to hear such stories. Too often, we hear of authority figures that abuse their position of trust and authority. Great job.

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Cancer center warns of cell phone risks

So what. Will people stop using them...has cancer-related deaths due to nicotine decreased? ...people are going to do what they want despite the risks. It is called FREEDOM.Follow the money...who financed this "study?" You can bet they weren't in the cellphone business.

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